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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Cage - Base

Power Needed: 2 CoMC
Card Type: Item
Ability: During your turn, you may discard this card from play and use an Action to choose a Creature in play (yours or your opponent's) and return it to it's owner's hand.
Provides: 1 CoMC
Card No: 46
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Base
Average Rating: 4.10 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


The key to realizing the quality of this card is to compare it to a regular COMC lesson. At the cost of only two lessons needed to play Cage, it is cheap enough to have almost the same speed as a normal lesson. But this "lesson" gives you a backup use. You can discard it using an action to bounce a creature to its owner's hand. Some of you may feel this isn't such a great backup use. At least, until you have one out when your opponent plays Fluffy on you. Only then does the worth of this card start to become apparent. Until you find a target you'd like Caged, just treat this like any other lesson. There are some other added plusses, as well. Like all items, you get an extra action the first time you play this in a turn when you have the new Draco out. Also, note this can be used to bounce your own creatures. Do you have a heavily damaged Giant Squid that you'd like to freshen up a bit? Cage it. Is your Hedwig in play just longing to get some special card out of your discard pile? Cage it. Does your Doxy see an opposing creature of only two health left in play? Cage that too. Will six more points of damage from your Welsh Green Dragon end the game? Cage makes it happen.

Rating: 5


I Liked this item quite a bit before Diagon Alley, but as he does for many cards Draco Malfoy Slytherin made this cad sooooooooooo much better. Instead of using up your whole turn to return a creature (one action to lay the item and one action to sacrafice it) You can lay it and still have an action to spare. This is one of the only anti creature cards the Care of Magical Creatures that has which boosts it value even more. This card is great you really should play it. I mean why not when it is also a lesson.

Rating: 4.1


There is almost always room is your deck for a cage or two. This card provides a lesson and it can be used to return a creatures to its owner's hand. Now this card works even better in Draco Slytherin Deck since it gives you an extra action, but this card can work wonders on your own creatures or pesky creatures your opponent has played. It works well against Dragons and Fluffy and any other creature that makes your opponent discard a lesson to play. Although it can also work well on your own creatures that you wish to play again especially Hedwig. Replay Hedwig to get another Steelclaw out of your discard pile or any other card you might want to pull. All in all the possibilities are endless and this card could really save your behind.

Rating: 3.5


First of all, every creature deck should have room for one or two of these. They are as good as a lesson but packed with emergency defense. Now here is what makes it incredible. Hermione Granger as a starter for creature deck is usually a great choice, because of there not being a helpful speed-up, lesson-building-block for CoMC power. But by using Draco Malfoy, Slytherin as your starter and by using Fantastic Beasts Books you can add at least 8 items that will give you a fast building process for CoMC and the extra abilities that go with them. (Not to mention they all work under 2 power) So 2 lessons is all you need in play just like Hermione does.

Rating: 5


Cages are fun toys.. you can use them once to trap a poor little creature, but after that, the little guy learns how to break free. They're also good to have a collection of too.. having all those Cages in your front yard makes the aminals fear the "power" that you show off. ;)

Fits nicely in creature decks, as it never hurts to get extra power, and making a creature vanish when you need it to is a plus too.

Rating: 4


If you are running Care of Magical Creatures Lessons, you should at least play with a couple of these unless you don't have enough of them to benefit. Basically, you don't want to get stuck with a cage in your hand and no COMC lesson. This is a great item for Draco Sly decks if you are playing creatures and you can even use it on your own creatures if you want. Doxy and Hedwig are prime candidates for being put in the cage. Any Creature your opponent plays that makes them lose lessons can make your opponent waste valuable actions. Of course this could be kinda scary with Welsh Green Dragon, but he would be an exception to the rule. All in all the Cage is one of those cards you might not use every game, but at one point or another you will be glad you have it in your deck.

Rating: 3



When the base set came out, before I had a real feel for the game, I thought this card was rediculous. It takes an action to play, and another action to discard only to put the creature back in the opponent's hand? I preferred to use a Take Root or Incarcifors and just use one action to put the creat away for good! But then I realized that a cage is essentially the same thing as a CMC lesson, but you have the option of discarding it to get rid of the creat thats about to kill you, or put the hebridean dragon back after theyve already sacrificed the lesson, etc. etc. So I replaced 4 CMCs with 4 cages. However, a cage is not quite a CMC lesson as i soon found out. I kept winding up with cage in my hand in stead of CMC, so i couldn't play it anyways. But overall, I'd say cage is a pretty good bet.

Rating: 4 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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