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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Owl Post - Adventures at Hogwarts

Owl Post
Power Needed: 6 CoMC
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Draw 3 cards.
Card No: 67
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 1.78 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


It takes an action to draw this card and another to play it, and in return you gain three cards, each of which are equivalent to an action. Overall, you're on the plus side by one. Woohoo! Is this card great or what? Huh? You say that we are "virtually" damaging ourselves by using this, and using one of our precious few actions in the process? Gee, that's bad! So what's the real deal? Somewhere in between these extreme points of view, no doubt. The three draws per one action this card gives you is much better than using an action to draw, *if* you need cards to play. However, both charms (Halloween Feast, Photo Album), and quidditch (Pulling Up, Loop the Loops) have much better card drawing options than this. Presuming your deck doesn't contain those colors, you might want to think about inserting a couple of these in your deck if you find that you are drawing regularly after getting to the six lesson level.

Rating: 2.5


This is an underplayed card but with reason, it has potential but it usually isn’t worth it to play this card. Drawing three is a nice thing but that is all it does no damage no return a card to owners hand just drawing. That makes it useful but not helpful like Pulling Up or Loop the Loops. I really wouldn’t play this much unless you wanted to make a mono COMC deck for fun but other than that this goes in the almost but not quite category.

Rating: 1.5


Alright so you get to draw 3 cards. And the point of that is? I mean this card costs an action to draw and then an action to think about playing. Then it costs an action to wish you didn't put it in your deck and then it finally costs an action to play. Its plain to see you just aren't gaining very much from this card. Put in cards that do damage and let you draw. You'll be happy you did.

Rating: 1.5


A set number of card drawing isn't always great because the power needed is always set as well. Now, with cards that let you pick a number and draw that many, those are slightly better, because you know how many cards you want or need, and dont have to get any more or less that you desire. And since doing that almost always has a fixed cost, it's not really comparible because the resultant varies depending on you. Whereas, when you have a set number of cards given as an effect, you can critique the result/cost ratio, and sort it statistically.

For the most part, card drawing is best when added in as an "extra" effect, not the sole purpose of the card. The best cards are flexible, and those that arn't flexible usually arn't the best cards. ;)

Rating: 1


Well if your creature deck runs out of gas real quick, this might stir things up for you. If you throw in a Unicorn or two this card might not be half bad. There are a lot better drawing options including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, but if you don't wanna worry about items or power, this might be a way to go. I have always been the fan of putting in the cards you would rather draw as opposed to the cards that let you draw... But if you have a fairly fast creature deck that gets up to six pretty quick, give it a try and you might find it helpful. Of course both Quidditch and Charms have better drawing power, but if you are not playing these, this might be the best bet.

Rating: 2.4

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