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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Blue Wig - Diagon Alley

Blue Wig
Power Needed: 6 Charms
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Do 4 damage to you opponent. Then draw a card.
Card No: 53
Rarity: Common
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 2.78 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


At the six lesson level, you start getting the expectation of two effects for your spell cards. This provides that, in giving you a respectable four damage and a draw. Draws are a rare occurance for charms spells, and the four damage is close to blue's natural maximum, the five damage of the top end Stupefy. I like this card better than Stupefy, in fact, although in most cases I'm still going to prefer Stream of Flames. But if you already have four Streams in your deck, and you have room for some more blue pain spells, this card should be on your short list of candidates.

Rating: 3


4 damage plus a draw for one action, you gotta like that. But, Bewitched Snowball let's you do damage to a creature or your opponent, and this is opponent only, so Blue Wig loses use there. If you're ever running a pure charms deck (which I've done with success :D), this card is cool. But, when you have a Charms/CoMC deck, this deck just doesn't fit in. This is an ok card, but Bewitched Snowball is better, and cheaper. :)

Rating: 3


This card is cool! I love the cards like Bewitched Snowballs and this one that basically give you a free action by laying them and then drawing your card. With a deck of cards like that the chances of you running out of spells and having to draw are slim to none. Combine that ability and four damage makes this card better then Stupefy or the copycat Backfire!. I would consider this card when playing a charms deck but I usually opt for one that also does damage to creatures.

Rating: 2.4


The Blue Wig isn't that powerful of a spell card, but it does damage and it lets you have a free draw, which can be an extreme benefit. Besides having funny artwork, this card is better then Stupefy and while it just doesn't scream put me in your deck, it can be really useful for non creature decks. I suspect that in the coming weeks we'll see alot of new creature decks with the new set coming out, but I also think we'll see alot of new spell decks coming out, and spell cards that let you get a free draw and keep your hand refreshed will definitely be handy.

Rating: 2.5


Do 4 damage AND draw a card? Whoa, did I misunderstand something? That's like getting a reward for beating up your brother! Can't beat that, eh? ;') Well, true it is at the power level when you'd normally be using Stupify, or other eqivilants, but when you're going for damage, everyone and their dog can help out. Plus, the fact that it basically replaces itself in your hand is a nice motor card too.

Rating: 2.8


Stupefy? Blue Wig? Stupefy? Blue Wig? This is pretty much where i end up when i am making Charms decks and i want a little of the heavier charms damage in a deck. You need to ask yourself if the drawing of the card is going to advance the deck or not. I usually end up saving this spell for the first action just in case i draw something i need. Any card that saves you that action of searching your deck is always a good option. Of course the card you draw is not always useful, but if you wanna go nutty and couple this with the Cleansweep 7.... uhm.... just use pulling up.... idunno.... Snuffy is tired, but he likes this card.

Rating: 3

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