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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Sloth Grip - Diagon Alley

Sloth Grip
Power Needed: 5 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Effect: During your opponent's next turn, you may prevent all but the first 3 damage done to you.
Card No: 70
Rarity: Common
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 2.83 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Although this card can be useful in blunting the impact of an oncoming horde, the primary use of it seems to be to buy some time in order to win a match that you have just played. But in that case, wouldn't you just prefer to play Catch the Snitch and win it right away? I would. This card is one of the legion of cards that I always ponder including, but rarely do. I've always kept this card under consideration because I get two actions a turn, and if I use one to play this card, then I can use the other to play a big damage- causing spell and thus "win" the turn (especially if I have creatures out). But inevitably, I want to win more than just the one turn, so I put in a more offensive minded spell instead. I think this is a good card, and it's frustrating that I can't find a home for it yet in any of my decks.

Rating: 2.5


In decks that rely on matches, you get 2 bludgers out, and play this, and you've already got yourself at an advantage. This deck can also save your butt against creatures, and is easy to use at 3Q. Use this with Fouled!, and your opponent is stuck going no where, with your deck losing barely any cards, and your opponent's going down quickly. ;)

Rating: 4


Nice little stall card here. It combos with Comet260 to only do two damage a turn but other than that all it does is buy you a turn to pull a combo off or lay down your big spell to take it all. You should play this card in the likes of a Golden Snitch deck or a Spiral Dive deck. Other than that it usually isn’t worth the action.

Rating: 2.3


The Sloth Grip is a relatively inexpensive card to play and you can only take three damage your next turn. This can come in handy at the end of the game if you have the damage causing spells or your creatures will kill them next turn but you're worried about their creatures. Its a difficult situation to know when to use Damage Prevention cards but when you play them, it can definitely turn the tide of the game. I really like the potential of this card in certain situations and its saved me a couple of times against creature decks.

Rating: 3.2


It's like a one time Neville, but more common. You can use it when you fear mega damage coming your way, and in a way is a little better than Neville. If you played Neville from the start, a smart opponent would only play spells ect to get as close to 8 damage every turn so they don't waste any damage on being prevented. By playing this, he'd have to do 3 or less damage to not waste the overkill prevented damage. Even thou its not every turn, you get to choose it when you feel like to using it.

Rating: 2


Sloth Grip is a pretty useful deterrant to Creature decks and heavy damage decks. And Quidditch is one of those lesson types with very limited ways of dealing with Creatures. Pretty much you have to slide in Adventures or another lesson if you want to deal with creatures at all. This gives your deck a little breathing room that you might very well need. Oh! and if you couple this with a Comet 260, you only take 2 damage! Now that is cool! Over all not the most useful of spells for all decks. This is for those straight Quidditch decks that have no other ways of dealing with damage coming their way. Limited, but very useful.

Rating: 3



Not a bad card against creature decks...though I would never use it. I'll give this one a 3.0 for nothing more than being able to stall their damage cards for another round. You better be hitting them hard after that though...because that probably means they just got an entire round of drawing and are about to bring the pain.

Rating: 3 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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