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Umbrella Flowers - Chamber of Secrets

Umbrella Flowers
Power Needed: 3 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Plant
Ability: Once per turn, you may let Umbrella Flowers take 1 damage that you were going to take.
Damage each turn: 0
Health: 6
Card No: 87
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 2.42 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


You know, I hate playing with creatures that deal less than two damage per turn. This creature doesn't deal any damage at all, on its own. It is only useful to prevent damage being done to you. On the plus side, it stops all types of damage, whether it be from creatures, spells, or something else. On the minus side, it only sidetracks one damage per turn, and only stops this damage for a limited time. Unless you use Nurture to remove damage counters, or somehow bounce it back to your hand and replay it, the most damage that this card can prevent is eight, if you have Sprout in play. That's just not enough. When you also see that Umbrella Flowers offers no defense against drawing attacks, through cards like Charms Exam and Griphook, then you'll likely conclude that this card doesn't belong in any high grade designs.

Rating: 1.5


In damage-preventing decks, this card with Fawkes is great. Your opponent can’t do any damage to you, and Sprout boosts it by 2! And, the 0 attack isn't good, but the health/effect makes up for it.

Rating: 3.5


This card is cool there has got to be some way to stall out so you take no damage then you can continually take damage counters off of it with spells such as frog spawn. This card combos beautifully with Comet 260 and Neville Longbottom so even if they do do 8 or more damage your Comet and flowers can take most of it. =)

Rating: 2.1


This card on its own isn't that great. Its basically a comet 260 that dies after 6 turns. But you can have more then one out, so you can prevent a bunch of damage, you can play Neville and Hospital Dormitory and prevent a bunch of damage. Play this with Dragon Dung Compost and you'll be doing damage as well. This card on its own isn't very good at all, but if you combo this card with a variety of other cards then it has the potential for frustation, and we all know how much fun that can be.

Rating: 2.4


You're average Pet Toad, but with more stamina. Having one of this guy is almost like having six of those toads but one limitation exists.. the flowers only stop 1 damage each turn, while a single toad could have taken all the damage and died, but just from spell cards. Probably not worth it, but in Sprout decks, you've got an extra 2 health to help you servive until you can heal the damage.

Rating: 2


You know... Nurture doesn't look half bad anymore. You let your plants take some damage and then heal them back up. Just make sure you have some offense also. I think these plants could get very annoying very fast especially against decks that do lots of small damage. These come out fast and are fairly useful, so i dig em.

Rating: 3



Feh... It's been a long week. o_O Anyways.. this card is just one of those things you add in if you have extra space (works well with dragon dung though, I may add) Somewhat good in numbers and with Sprout.. but just not one of those stellar cards.

Rating: 2 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)