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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Professor Pomona Sprout - Chamber of Secrets

Professor Pomona Sprout
Card Type: Character - Witch Hufflepuff Unique
Ability: Each of your Plants has 2 more Health.
Provides: 1 CoMC
Card No: 45
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.58 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


It is my policy to give all witches and wizards with an embedded lesson a rating of at least 4.5. It's just *that* important. Such characters get you off to a fast start and improve your deck's consistency by providing you with access to a color without needing to put lessons of that color in your deck. All of the colormasters have also had a second ability, in addition to the freebie lesson. In Sprout's case, she makes your plants harder to kill, giving them increased health. Formerly unused plants can now get new consideration. Remember Cobra Lily? It's self-healing effect was previously useless, as it would always be zapped for three damage in one turn. With Sprout leading the way, Cobra Lily becomes an improved Quintaped, and that's a good thing. It's sad that two of the stronger offensive plants in the game, Devil's Snare and Whomping Willow, both require the use of CoMC lessons, negating one of Sprout's two main strengths. Despite the fact that starting Sprout tends to sway players into passive creature deck designs, I still think she stands on the top rung.

Rating: 5


Weak Card in my opinion. Sure it is a guaranteed COMC lesson but the ability is limited because plants aren’t very popular and they aren’t that good. Plus one trans spell negates the ability. Only real use I have found for this card is using it in combination with wand shop to get a bunch of Giant Squids out.

Rating: 2


Everyone was wondering, when are we going to get a character that provides a CMC lesson, and then we got one, and everyone still uses Minerva most of the time when they play creatures, I sense irony in that. The fact of the matter is, the starter is dependent on the characters ability and if you're going to be using tons of plants then maybe Sprout is better then Minerva, but if you're worried about adventures, Minerva is queen. I think Sprout is a good card, but I also think you have better options if you're going to be using a starter and playing creatures.

Rating: 3.3


Everyone had dreamed of the day for the savior of CoMC to come... but I don't think sprout was exactly what we had in mind. ;') Still, she's OK... if you play plants, or cards that don't require the discarding of CoMC lessons.. Plants are her specialty, obviously, so no surprise seeing her popping up in Plant decks. Also, in decks that want to use CoMC w/o needing CoMC lessons, she shines brightly here. But keep in mind, there are few cards that dont require discard, compaired to those that do. So if you need CoMC, the lessons might still be a good way to go.

Rating: 4


Well here she is folks!!! Your Care of Magical Creatures lesson provider. Her ability is not all that great, but with some of the new damage eating plants, she could come in very handy. In comparison to the other common Creature Deck starters, i would say her power is much less useful. For instance, with Flitwick you can grab another Halloween Feast or Stream of Flames. And with McGonagall, that pesky In the Stands goes bye bye. However, if you play a lot of the damage eating plants and splash in other colors, she could get very annoying very fast. Haven't played with her too much, but glad to have her around.

Rating: 3.6



This is more of a Witch with a "B" if you know what I mean. I honestly did not think Wizards had the guts to do something like this o_O (More proof that the game is dying) So anyways, "The Apocalypse Card" as I once called this when I first saw it brought back life to all Creature decks. You can have Sprout as your Starter and then run Charms and Wand Shop so you can pile up on Mountain Trolls and Giant Squids, or you can play this with CoMC and do an all plant deck with Mandrakes, Cobra Lilies, Umbrella Flowers, and Greenhouse 3. And even better- you can run Mandrakes in your deck which will now function as a Vicious Wolf for 1 less power required- awesome! No more 1 shot kills by Doxy, Stream, or Snowballs. Great Card.

Rating: 4.5 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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