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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Nimbus Two Thousand and One - Chamber of Secrets

Nimbus Two Thousand and One
Power Needed: 9 Quidditch
Card Type: Item - Broom
Ability: Whenever one of your Quidditch Spells does damage to your opponent, it does 3 more damage. If you play this card, and you already have a Broom in play, discard the old one.
Provides: 2 Quidditch
Card No: 38
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.04 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


The old Nimbus added two damage and provided you one extra lesson of learning, while this piles on three more damage along with giving you two lessons to boot. It's the newer model, so it must be better, right? Well, this must be true, but let's just humor ourselves and play devil's advocate for a moment to try to make a case against it. The old version only cost seven lessons to play, compared to nine for this one. If you've played with the 2000 broom, then you have surely experienced games where it sat in your hand while you struggled to reach the seven lessons needed to get it out. If you were playing a deck with very few items, then your opponent might have been actually relieved to finally have a target for that item-destroying card that has been sitting in their hand for a while. With the 2001, this problem is magnified. Now you could design a deck with a heavier concentration of items to lure out anti-item cards early so your broom will be safe later. However, the new broom isn't additive for Quidditch item damage like the old one was. As most of the Quidditch spells that are commonly used require 8 lessons or less to play, this broom isn't helpful for a deck that tries to hit early and often. Instead, the use of this represents a commitment to high end stuff. Although the 2001 does help you out with an attached two lessons, you have to have your learning fairly well developed just to get it onto the table. Quite frankly, I only see this being workable in the narrow confines of a Wand Shop deck that emphasizes Quidditch spell damage.

Rating: 2.5


No Review Today

Rating: n/a


I hope you like the cards I picked. (Actually I randomly picked 5 CoS items.) =)
This is sort of an upgrade. It works well in the Quid/Charms Wand Shop decks it boosts you up to eleven power(assuming you have only the nine to cast it) and the extra point of damage will quickly help catch you up if you had laid a Nimbus 2000 instead. The one draw back is that it doesn’t work on items. This is a major downer because I would love to combo this bad boy up with a Bludger or a Rouge variant of Bludgers, but I can't =\ oh well still pretty decent card and great if you can get that much power.

Rating: 3.2


Well boys and girls, the idea of this card is just tremendous. It obviously works great with Quidditch Cup since you're around the same amount of power. However, lets be totally honest. By the time you get to nine power, you've probably been playing all your quidditch spells already haven't you? Yeah if you play Charms/Quid with Wandshop you can play with the big bad Quidditch Spells, which in turn you definitely want to include this. I mean this card plus 4 Mid-air Collisions amounts to 52 damage hits. I don't think your opponent will survive that. If you can get to nine power then this card is definitely better the Nimbus 2000, but if you can't, I would stick with the older Nimbus.

Rating: 3.5


It's a broom, so we can only use 1 broom at a time, so which is it gona be? The old verus the new. Advantages the new version has are 1 more power, and 1 more damage from Q Spells. But advantages the old has are 2Q cheaper, and does 2 extra damage from you Q Items as well. So basically, the old one is faster, and more efficeient.. you do the math.

Rating: 2


The thing i have always disliked about the Nimbus 2000 is that you often get off quite a few quidditch spells before you get to play this card and reap it's benefits. Now we have a broom that costs 2 more than Nimbus 2000 so you'll be likely to play even more Quidditch spells before you can count on this bad boy. Of course if you are playing quid-charms this delay won't be nearly as long as you have Wands and Wand shop to draw on for power advancement. So basically it comes down to the question of how fast do you get to nine power? If you get there pretty quick, upgrade to the 2001. If you get there kind of slow, stick with good ol' 2000. Also keep in mind that 2000 works on items, so that your bludgers will do more damage also, so 2000 is the better choice if you are using bludgers. However, this one gives you two additional power instead of just one, so if you are playing cards like Out of Control and Mid-Air Collision, this will help your power advancement more. The choice is up to you! I would pretty much think of them as equals for the most part.

Rating: 4

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