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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Deboning - Chamber of Secrets

Power Needed: 7 Transfiguration
Card Type: Spell
Effect: During your opponent's next turn, he or she can't use Actions to play cards.
Card No: 100
Rarity: Common
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.78 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card is a classic example of a lockdown card. When you play it, your opponent is reduced to the option of skipping actions or drawing cards on their next turn. They can't develop their learning. They can't play out threats. And they can't damage or impede you with spells. Since you've used one of your two actions to totally handcuff them, you are still left with one more action to improve your position in the game. Repeated use of this card can cause a huge swing in momentum. If you don't know how to effectively pull this off, I suggest you go to the Featured Articles section of Pojo and click on the link titled "Hannah" on 10.24.02. There, you'll see a detailed analysis I've done of a deck that primarily wins with recursive Deboning. That's one of several methods to reuse important game control spells. The only real drawback to this card is the seven lessons out needed to play it. That means you can't have fun torturing your opponent until about midgame. Oh well. You can't have everything, I guess.

Rating: 4.5


No Review Today


There has gotta be some sweet combo that this can be done with probably similar to Aardvark’s continual Hanna Abbot deck. Any way you cut it is the probably the best card out there to buy you a turn to set up for a combo like the Golden Snitch or Spiral Dive. Problem is you still take damage from creatures adventures and so on. Great card just needs the right deck I suggest you play this card if you can pull it off.

Rating: 3.9


Apparently there is this nasty rumor going around that I do not know my magic. Well my loyal fans, I can assure you that, that is a nasty lie. This incident in question when I deboned Mr. Potters arm has been blown out of proportion. I merely removed the bones cause he was in so much agony. I had known that Madam Pomfrey would want to take care of him, and I merely didn't want her to feel useless, so I removed the pain for Harry so that she could take care of him. See kids, it was all part of my plan. Now this card will stop your opponent from using actions to play cards but they could use their actions for other things, like character abilities or a variety of other things that don't require actually playing a card. I would seriously recommmend that you avoid this card, you won't gain that much, and your opponent can work around it, and I wouldn't recommend since it glorifies an incident in the wrong light my trusted fans.

Rating: 2


Alot like Forgetfulness Potion, except without the need to discard a lesson. FP says he can't play cards period, while Deboning only limits the cards that he can play to those that don't require Actions. But since most cards that can be "played" require an Action, this is effectivly the same thing, but better. ;)

Rating: 4.6


Another Groovy Card!!!!! I always liked the idea of Forgetfulness Potion but could never work it in. This is like a one shot Human Chess Game. If you are playing Trans and Creatures, consider this instead of an adventure in case your opponent is playing McGonagall. It only works for one turn, but if McG is around, your adventure won't stay in play at all. This is another type of denial and turn advantage. I dig it and encourage you to try it out in any deck that wants to limit your opponent's playing ability. If you are also playing Charms, Reparo works great here too!

Rating: 3.9

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