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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Lockhart's Hair-Care Potions - Chamber of Secrets

Lockhart's Hair-Care Potions
Power Needed: 1 Potions
Card Type: Item
Ability: Whenever you play a Character card, you use up 1 Action to play it instead of 2.
Card No: 73
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.12 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If you have a deck with a moderate number of characters, but you need someone other than Ron Weasley as the starter, then this is the next best choice for playing out your characters efficiently. This card pays for itself the second time you've laid out a character once it gets into play. Each ensuing character after that represents action "profit". Of course, you need to get this card in play before you can gain any benefit from it, and an opponent might immediately see what you're doing and target this card to slow you down. If you compensate by putting more of these in your deck, then any duplicates you have are dead cards in your hand. Personally, I plan on sticking with Ron for ease of character play.

Rating: 2


In the lessonless decks, run Snape as a starter, get this card out and you don't need Ron Weasley. :) In any other deck though, it sucks...=x No one runs 3-4 characters unless they're building it around Ron, so its an ok card in a few decks...

Rating: 3


This card is great way better then Leaky Cauldron! I play it often with Snape as a starter in a control deck with lots of characters to control the board and do card damage then I can re-use all of them with Magical Mess Remover. Rather brilliant if you ask me. Play this card if you deck is character heavy and you don’t want to start with Ron Weasley.

Rating: 4


How are my loyal fans doing today? Well chin up. I know your day isn't complete unless you get to see your favorite wizard discussing the latest HPTCG cards, and here I am for your enjoyment. Today we are discussing a very important topic. Hair care. Now alot of the ladies out there are going "Wow, his hair is gorgeous, he's so dreamy," and all the guys are going, "I wish I had hair like that so I could get all the girls." Well rest assured, you too can get this beautiful hair, but constant maintenance, hair rollers and my patent formulas. Now this Hair-Care Potions will allow you to play a character for 1 less action. Well, I could really see this card going well w/ some Draco Slytherin Decks, since this is an item, and since now you can play a character, play an item, and still have an action left over to cause madness. Ladies and Gentlemen, my Hair-Care Potions work, and I would advise you to use them.

Rating: 3


Replaces Ron so you don't have to waste talent using him as your starter, or even waste two actions to play him if he wasn't your starter, and then he'd be vulnerable to PON and such. Leaky Cauldron used to be the best alternative to Ron, but look-out, there's a new Character laxitive in town. :P If you've got a deck with lots of support characters, this would be nice, but not so many that you'll waiting for it to come around before you can start getting a discount on your Characters.

Rating: 2.7


I am really excited about this card. I had this Leaky Cauldron Deck that always seemed to flounder because it was a location and other people kept playing their locations. Now it is an item and probably not very high on your opponents hit list if they are playing Transfiguration. This is super groovy also because of the new card Magical Mess Remover. You can now start with Professor Snape and you don't need to worry about that Potions lesson to get rid of your unwanted/used characters so you can use them again! Neato! Probably won't see a lot of this, but i believe it can be abused. There are a lot of powerful characters that a lot of people want in their decks. But the two actions often deters them. Not any more!

Rating: 4

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