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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Golden Snitch - Quidditch Cup

Golden Snitch
Power Needed: 11 Quidditch
Card Type: Item
Effect: At the end of your opponent’s turn, you win the game unless your opponent has at least 10 more cards in his or her deck than you do. (If he or she does, your opponent wins the game instead.)
Card No: 8
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.14 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If you like bizarre and cheesy victories, this is the card for you. The Snitch also combos well with Elixir of Life, just in case you have one of those lying around, gathering dust. Other combo options are Letters From No One, Jawbind, and (of course), Sloth Grip. I'm sure your inventive minds can come up with others too. None of these seem particularly reliable to me. Call me boring, but I'd rather win with cards that are low in splash and high in smash. However, if gaudy victories appeal to you, and you're willing to sacrifice some consistency in winning to get them, then I suspect you'll think this card rocks after you try it.

Rating: 2


This card could get you an instant win...but it could do the same to your opponent! 11Q is very hard to reach if you're not using items or locations, but most people use Wand Shop. One of the most used combos with this card is Defense!, because if you're ahead by 10 or so, its hard for your opponent to not lose. But, if they get ahead by 10, its game over...for you! So, most people don't use this card. And if you do, a word for very, very careful...

Rating: 2.5


I am as neutral as I can be about any card when it comes to the Golden Snitch.

Two thoughts that do not really have to do with game play. First of all, why was this card not a big seller in collecting? I mean everything else that had a Golden Snitch in it, were big sellers in all other games and toys. Whatever the collectable item was, everyone wanted the Snitch one. But for some reason this card stayed in the mid ranks on resale value. I guess time could always change this. Second, why is this card not Unique? The only answer I had for myself on this one was that why would both players want to play this card at the same time.

Now, since it is not Unique, if you do play it, play 2 of them on that same turn. It will be tough to beat without Table Trouble in their hand. Most people may have a Lost Notes or Diffindo in their hand, but they probably won't have 2 of them. Other combos might be a Jawbind Potion or a healing card. However, I like the idea of hitting them with 2 of these. BTW, Draco Malfoy, Slytherin decks may find a use for this card in speedy fashion.

I personally think they set this card at just right amount of power to keep it from being a popular card in decks. If it had been 10 power, there were just too many combo possibilities. I don't feel that this card is fun to use and I feel a win with it is a shallow victory. But a win is a win.

Rating: 2.5


The Golden Snitch is the epitomy of Quidditch power. You play this card and the game ends on the next turn if your opponent doesn't get rid of it, and if your opponent doesn't have more then 10 cards left then you do, they win. Most likely you're only going to play this card if you think you got a shot at winning. But then again, maybe you want to end the game on your terms whether that is winning or losing. Either way, I can see this card finding a place in fast decks that get up to power quick. However, if your power is slowing building and your strategy is heavy involved with this card, it may be lights out, right out of the gate. Now I don't advocate cheesy victories, but is it really that cheesy if you win. Alright don't answer that. Personally, I say if you can find a strategy that lets you get this out quick and protect yourself in the mean time, i say go for it, they put the card in there for a reason, and that reason is for people with lots of
time to figure out how to use it right!

Rating: 3.5


When people first got wind of this card, they would go ape crazy tring to conjure up all sorts of ways to abuse this lil thing. A couple ways were pretty effective, until the DA set came in with all it's new items, and new ways to kill those items. ;)

Still, a good Snitch deck could take you far, and maybe with the addition of the Adventures at Hogwarts expansion, be improved even more!

Rating: 3.5


Why in the world isn't this card UNIQUE!?!?!?!?!?!? There is only one Golden Snitch in any game of Quidditch, and yet, you can play two of these and they both sit out there. So unless you're opponent is really lucky and happens to have table trouble, 2 lost notes, or a no time to play in their hand or is able to deal enough damage to have your snitch backfire, they are up a crick without any Gillyweed. 11 power and my opponent can't have 10 cards more than me at the end of their turn? and i win? I really like the sound of that. Snitch decks are a little harder to make work well than you might expect, and if it is your only strategy to win, you might find yourself losing more games than not. I definitely suggest playing around with this card, but I wouldn't put my whole deck into it.

Rating: 4.2


Very good card if used carefully. I was beaten by one of those last week by turn 4 or 5. I won't give away the combo because my opponent will most certainly kill me if I told it =P. Anyways, a deck can't have this card if it isn't centered around the Snitch. When a deck is build around this card, it will most certainly contain protection and healing cards to get you at a biggest total amount of cards in library. the power is attainable if your deck evolves steadily like I talked about on tuesday's review. Have fun doing as our OP's and catch the Golden Snitch!!

Rating: 3.8

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