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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Mountain Troll - Base

Mountain Troll
Power Needed: 8 CoMC
Card Type: Creature/Troll
Damage each turn: 4
Health: 4
Card No: 28
Rarity: Rare
Set: Base
Average Rating: 3.93 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Speed creature decks will find this guy a tad slow, but all other creature decks should try to find a way to fit him in. At four points of damage a turn, he delivers a serious beating. Your opponent is not likely to win if he lets the Troll sit on the table for very long. If your opponent's creature removal is the damaging kind (like Stream of Flames), they'll normally need to use two cards to get rid of this one card because of the Troll's high health. The big guy combos well with Dragon Heart Wand, which can be used to get him out as early as turn 3. He also works nicely with Halloween Feast, which gets him back for some more pounding. I've been known to use him to test the waters for a Black Dragon in hand. I always put the Troll out first once getting to 8 lessons. If the opponent doesn't remove him on his turn, it likely means he has no removal, and the Dragon can be dropped safely the next turn. Of course, the Mountain Troll is big enough that he doesn't need to be the set-up man. He's large and in charge all by himself. He's a godsend for folks like me who like having big beef, but don't want to pay with a creature lesson in play to get it. In short, this card really eats ants! That's a high compliment, coming from an aardvark.

Rating: 5


Mountain Troll is my favourite creature. A 4/4 hitter for no discards! This makes Stream of Flames and Vermillious much more difficult to use on this card. Bluebell Flames will kill it, though. Since its 8 lessons, its hard to reach. But once you do, its worth it. Most people play Mountain Troll then Hebridean, and theres 11 damage! Put steelclaw in with that, and you have your opponent just about done. River Troll is a 4/3 creature for 5CoMC, but it requires 1 discard. So, I personally like this card better. Its good to have 1-2 of them in any creature deck.

Rating: 4


I can just here the studdering disipate and Quirrell telling us about his gift with trolls. In today's game, your creatures need health over 3 for any kind of longevity. Stream of Flames, Toe-Biter, Rope Bind, Doxy, and Streeler, to name a few are all hitting your creatures at 3 and below. Most people are playing one of these if not more of them. So, four health is King in the forrest and that puts Mountain Troll thrown worthy. Speed creature decks should have at least 1 or 2 of them in their decks for Pep Talk protection. Otherwise, they would be of little use in that instance. The Mountain Troll is not as feared as in the old days, but is still a strong set. Fastest way to get him out woul probably be with Dragon Heart Wand, since you are wanting to use those Halloween Feasts anyway. So keep "old stinky" in mind and watch out for troll boogers.

Rating: 4.5


Alright its time to delve into big creature land, and we're going to take a look at the Mountain Troll. Now the Mountain Troll is big, ugly, slow, and dumb. That reminds me of the time I ran into Lord Voldemort, he was lucky to get away, but he was pretty slow and dumb himself. (Note to self, do not insult Lord Voldemort in this column again, my office was blown up for no reason whatsoever) Anyways, the Mountain Trolls is an 8F critter, which provides 4 damage/4 health. Now these trolls are good but they aren't all that. I would much rather have some guard dogs at 3/5 and hebridean dragons at 7/5. The dragon is the nice alternative for the troll. Figure it costs the same actions to play a dragon and a gaurd dog as it is to play two mountain trolls. Now the trolls give you 8 damage and 8 health, but the dragon/guard dog gives you 10/10. Add the fact that next turn you could play a lesson and another dragon, and you're opponent will be running down a dream. So while the troll is good, I feel thats its just average, the only nice thing about it is, that you don't have to discard a lesson.

Rating: 3


Ah....another Beatdown favorite of mine. When Base set was only out, this was the top creature card I used, and it served to be a great finisher comboed with Steelclaw. 8C is pretty steep, and most Beatdowns dont peak past that. Nowadays, with the appearance of the Hebridean Black Dragon, his reign at the top is now shared. This one-two combo of playing HBD and Mountain Troll is utterly devastating, though Mice To Snuffboxes lives to disrupt this combo. Using this combo, same as playing any creature, is a gamble unless you give yourself protection. Mountain Troll and HBD is Steelclaw's best friend, though. Try to draw out weaker creatures you know they can counter before you play this card. One of my older Beatdown variants consisted of Illegibilus and Out of The Woods so you can see what they got before you play your precious Mountain Trolls, and even getting rid of the threat if it's only one card. Another one of my radi! cal but incredibly successful variants was a CoMC/Trans/Potions that revolved around steady creatures like Vicious Wolf and Mountain Troll comboed with the ever powerful Jawbind Potion, which does a nice 2 damage to your opponent and prevents your opponent from playing any spells next turn. Hagrid is never a bad choice in Beatdowns with Mountain Troll, but more often than not, other cards are better. Overall Mountain Troll is still very much hard hitting, and HBD only adds to it.

Rating: 3.5


ahhhhh yes, the big ugly thing in my bathroom... he's a horrible house cleaner folx, but sometimes it impresses my friends that i have a troll wearing an apron in my bathroom.... Mountain Troll has been a constant in large creature decks since the day the set came out. 4 damage a turn and 4 health meant that there used to be only a few ways to kill this guy in the past. Now, he is not so much of a main hitter as there are many ways to deal with him, but he is what i think of as a support card for todays creature decks. You throw out some foxes and quintapeds and such and let your opponent deal with those, then throw down the big ol' troll and hope they are out of creature denial. Of course, at 8 you could also go for Hebridean who does.... 7.... 7!!!!! sure, he makes you lose a lesson, but who the heck gives a darn? Mountain Troll is not as powerful as he used to be, but he still packs a punch.

Rating: 3.5


This card is a big hitter! It has enough defense to withstand a stream of flames and hit's hard enough to make your opponent want to get rid of it. The way I add up if a creature is worth it's cost is this way: power+toughness=cost of the card+2(number of lessons to discard). If the left side is equal to the right side, the creature is worth it's cost. If it is higher, the creature is strong for it's cost and on the contrary, the creature is weak. Mountain Troll is a big steady and strong creature that is reliable and helpful.

Rating: 4

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