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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Elixir of Life - Base

Elixir of Life

Power Needed: 10 Potions

Card Type: Spell/Healing
Effect: To play this card, discard 2 of your Potion Lessons from play. Shuffle up to 16 Non-Healing cards from your discard pile into your deck.
Card No: 5
Rarity: Foil
Set: Base
Average Rating: 2.54 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Wow. A 16 card heal! That's more than 1/4th of your entire deck. This is definitely a late game card, as it takes 10 lessons to cast and you wouldn't even likely have 16 cards you want out of your discard pile until towards the end of the game. Because of the two potion lesson discard, this effectively
requires a total of six actions. My preferred high-end healing cards are the Silver Unicorn Horn (8 cards for 3 actions) or Burning Bitterroot Balm(10 cards for 4 actions). These have about the same heal-for-action ratio, but are both much cheaper to play at six lessons, allowing for the flexibility of casting it midgame. This allows you to improve the draw quality of your deck earlier - gaining you a quicker momentum boost. Usually, by the time I have 10 lessons out, I'm more interested in hitting my opponent with a big spell (such as Bulgeye Potion or Draught of Living Death) than I am with getting a heal effect. Elixir is an OK card. It's just that there are a few cards out there that are slightly better.

Rating: 2.5


Elixir is in some Draco Slytherin decks because they're usually up at 10 lessons. And, healing 16 nonhealing cards is really good. But, you have to discard 2 potions to play this, so there is a major downside to this. But, if you can get this card in play, it can turn the game around instantly. Most people who use this have decks with Hermione and remembrall to start, since they would only use one action to get it back. Burning Bitterroot Balm is much better then this card, because its only 6P and only one discard. This is only good in very-high lesson decks...

Rating: 3


So you have this stone and you make the Elixir of Life that Lord Voldemort would kill for. OK it's true, he would kill for much less, but this is different. Although old Voldy might think this is the cream of the crop, it is just a middle of the road card. Think of it like this. If you have Potions and you make it to ten power, do you really want to be back at 8 to heal sixteen? I realize it will be tempting. But unless this is last play to save you kind of thing, there are much better alternatives. Burning Bitterroot Balm for 10 healing with only a cost of one lesson is lighter on the cost and if you have 2 of them, 20 healing. Of course the one thing Elixer has going for it, is that it does all this in one action.

There are many combos that 10 Potions can give you, however. And the Elixir won't hurt many of them. Playing Elixir and then Draught of Living Death on one turn can turn the game around completely. This changes the score by putting yourself 28 cards in the other direction. That is a half a deck advantage in one turn. If you follow this with a Dogbreath Potion and Malevolent Mixture the games is over, without a doubt. (Keep in mind this requires you to have a total of 7 Potion lessons on the table to pull it off.) But I think you get the picture and can find other ways to do the same damage. Better consider using Hermione Granger and Remembrall if you are planning to use this card and these strategies. One last thing, keep in mind to heal what you want to draw. It isn't always good to heal 16 just because you can.

Rating: 2.5


The Elixer of Life, what wouldn't Lord Voldemort give for this? Probably Wormtails, right arm, ha ha ha. Alright I'm fine now, whew. Anyways, this card is expensive but it has a good effect. You get 16 non-healing cards for 10P, and discarding 2P. So lets compare this to other healing combos. Two bruisewort balms will only get you 10...a bruisewort and burning bitter root will get you 15, at a cost of 6P and one discard, and the combination of slytherin match and catch the snitch will get you 15. So what do you want to do with this card? Well the answer is really simple. Play to your strengths. If you're going to be living high in the potion area and having lots of power, by all means use this card, but if you're like most people, that once you get up to 10 Power you're going to want to stay there, this card will deplete your lesson count back down to 8. I think it all depends on your strategy, if you're going to play low level creatures below 8 and use flitwick and potions and you're going to have high lesson count then put it in it can't hurt, but if you need to stay up there one you get there, I'd say avoid this card.

Rating: 3.25


Oh my god, it's me. Anywho, Elixer of Life. The top of the food chain for healing cards. Of course, with a price. A great suprise card, and works shockingly well in late-game situations. A 10P with a 2P discard is harsh, though. That demands high lesson playing and some power-providing items. Stall decks like this card, but the long forgotten Suprise decks (a la Dengar ;X) love this card late-game. It's amazing to just see an opponent react when you have 1 card left in your deck and you double-Elixer of Life 'em. This card might also work well with Hospital Bed, if you get desparate for the healing. The play-change factor is incredible on this card. What I mean is that this card, by itself, can change the playing field dramatically. One second, it looks like you're dead meat -- the next second you have the upper hand on your opponent. Healing, of course, does not win games alone. You still got to ! follow through with some heavy hitters.

How it stacks up with other healers is a little different depending on what your strategy is. Most turn to the Ol' Faithful a.k.a. Burning Bitteroot Balm, or a great new card Bruisewort Balm, which is a 5C that lets you take back 5 non-healers. Since it doesnt cost you any lesson discard, it's one of the few pure healing cards. In normal decks that use Potions, I'd turn to Bruisewort/BBB for your healing needs (Even Butterfly Weed Balm or Hospital Wing isnt a bad BBB replacement either ;/). If you play high power decks, consider the Elixer of Life.

Rating: 3


To be honest, this is one card i have never really put into a deck. It costs 10, makes you lose 2 potions and heals 16 cards. That is one MASSIVE heal, but often times with massive heals like Slytherin Match and Elixir of Life, i often find myself only healing 10 or 12 cards. I have seen this card used against me in psycho weirdo freako control decks where its pretty much Hermione, a whole bunch of lessons, denial and healing and sometimes those decks work pretty well. But i am at a loss for another use for this card. Burning Bitterroot Balm takes care of most of your healing needs in a potions deck and nowadays lots of peeps are running silver unicorn hair in draco sly decks. I am just not sure where to put this thing!

Rating: 2


Although the elixir heals a nice 16 cards, it takes too much to cast. Now, the ten power isn't that hard to reach but discarding two Potions is a too big cost to match the cards utility. The key to the HP CCG is steadiness. If the effects you lay on your opponent grow steadily, your deck is going great! If you hit a plateau on which you don't do much, there is a problem, if your control of the game takes a big drop, there is a Big Problem! Elixir of Life is just one of those cards you don't really want to consider using.

Rating: 1.5

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