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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Griphook - Diagon Alley

Card Type: Character - Goblin Unique
Ability: Once per game, you may make your opponent discard his or her hand. Then your opponent draws as many cards as he or she discarded in this way.
Card No: 12
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 3.34 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I've always liked goblins. But they tend to be lazy, and this one is typical. he does his thing just once per game, and then stands around looking stupid (something that goblins are very good at). Also like most goblins, he's a little slow, needing two actions to get him out, versus only one for his spell equivalent, Charms Exam. This is important, as many players like to follow up to a Charms Exam with an Obliviate or second Charms Exam on the same turn. This results in the other player wasting all those cards they drew off the initial spell. You can't pull this same trick with Grippy unless you're getting extra actions from somewhere else or you are leaving him out for a full turn, giving your opponent advance notice about what you are planning to do. I would put a single copy of this in a virtual damage deck that tries to win by forcing the opponent to draw cards. But I do not believe such decks are particularly strong at the moment. My other complaint about such decks is that they play best against weak players who can't resist the temptation to draw lots of cards when given the opportunity. A more veteran player wouldn't be so gullible, and would choose a less risky stance (I think drawing three is usually about right).

Rating: 2


Griphook is a cool bad he's a Golbin and can't be a starter! You could run a deck that uses a lot of cards like Jawbind Potion that makes your opponent hand rise, then use Griphook to have them discard a 10 card hand and draw 10 more! This card is used mainly in Vanishing Referee decks, since they can re-use the ability over and over. But, if you're in the late stages of the game, your opponent usually has a 3 card hand. Not really worth using Griphook, so use him as early as possible ;)

Rating: 4


Well, my short and pointy-eared friend, I see you have made a name for yourself. What, you felt like making people sick in your cart wasn't enough, you wanted a glorified Charms Exam named after you too? Beyond Griphook's popularity as a disturbance of the stomach maker, he is a great last play of the game card. Imagine it is a close game and he is in your hand. He will make them draw as many as they discard. So depending on their hand you could win the game even if you did not have a spell or creature left in your hand. And you will know one turn ahead if he will be effective or not, so you may even choose not to draw any extra cards just to get them to the point you need them at the turn before hand. If you only had one of these in your deck, I think it would be a great back-up last-second move.

Rating: 4


I don't know if I have ever stated this, but little ugly people frighten me. I might even have a phobia. Its like i said in my book, "Dancing with Munchkins", they may seem cute and cuddly but the fact of the matter is they are just nasty. Now, Griphook the card, hmmm lets weigh this one out. It requires two actions and your opponent discards their hand and then draws the exact same amount of cards. Well hmmm, couldn't you just do the same thing with Charms Exam. I know it doesn't cost any lessons to play Griphook, but it costs two actions, and believe me when I say, the more actions you waste the more likely you're going to lose. If you were making a Ron Weasley deck, this guy would definitely be in there, or if you wanted to run a wicked combo of playing human chess game and then playing griphook, along w/ charms exam and obliviate, your opponent will only be able to draw cards. Not that I've ever used that combo but hey it might work...I think i'm going to ponder that one right now.

Rating: 2.75


Griphook is the first character that could possibly kill your opponent. for that, he is definitely worth investigating. here we go with timing again. when should i play this guy? when should i use his ability? these things are hard to guage. you might hurt your opponent, but then again, you might end up helping them also. it's just hard to say. i would definitely wait until your opponent has a big hand to lay down his ability. either that or wait until you know what is in their hand. so like.... mrs norris might come in handy. or.... if you just want to annoy your opponent, play with charms exams, griphooks, and vanishing ref. throw in some adventures to stall and you might win without ever dealing damage. FUN!

Rating: 3.5


Used well, GRIPHOOK is a deadly weapon. I personally haven't tried him yet but have played and lost matches vs people who used him. The combo used is PEP TALK/FOULED/LFNO. It helps build up your opponents hand then lay the Goblin to use his ability right away. If followed by a charms exam, it's very powerful. If the deck is not centered around him, I see no use as having him in your deck since the amount of cards in your opponent's hand is unpredictable.

Rating: 3.8

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