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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Nimbus Two Thousand - Quidditch Cup

Nimbus Two Thousand
Power Needed: 7 Quidditch
Card Type: Item/Broom
Ability: Whenever 1 of your Item or Spell cards that needs Q power does damage, it does 2 more damage. If you play this card, and you already have a Broom in play, discard the old one.
Provides: 1 Quidditch
Card No: 16
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.16 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Brooms are like lessons with an added benefit thrown in. There are just two drawbacks - you can only have one in play at a time, and they require a certain number of lessons in play to get them out. This latter restriction isn't a big deal for most brooms, which are rather cheap to cast. This broom is the exception, as it requires seven lessons. The high cost is coupled with a high benefit, however. Annoying Quidditch spells like Fouled, Cobbing, Ouch, and Pulling Up start to become lethal when the two extra damage from Nimbus 2000 is tacked on. This broom only works well if your deck contains a lot of Quidditch damage spells. It can also bolster items, but currently Bludger is the only other damage causing Quidditch item, and that requires the use of matches, which don't get supplemented by this broom. I recommend that if you choose to run this broom, that you only put one or two copies of it in your deck, as it is not useful in multiples.

Rating: 4


Nimbus is a really cool Item. For 7Q, you get two more damage on all Quidditch spells/items that do damage (Bludger does 5 :D), and it provides one Quidditch lesson! All of a sudden, Fouled! is even better. Mid-Air Collision does 12 damage, and Out of Control is 8! This card though in tight spots is like Overrun from MTG, it just makes you win more.

Rating: 4


AH! Fresh out of the box! Can you smell that varnished wood scent? This is my Hagrid for quidditch card! Hit 'em for 2 more. When this out, it is like playing high-powered spells at any level.

For comparison, Bulgeye Potion does 13 damage, in two actions, at ten power, and that is it. The common Fouled! and Ouch! one-two punch just went from 9 to 13 damage (because of Nimbus,) plus it has the bonus effects, and it was done all at 8 power (you gotta have 7 power out before playing Nimbus.)

The effect of the broom transcends on to all the quidditch spells so it just keeps on giving! Plus if someone wanted to use Picking on Neville on your Nimbus Two Thousand, you can easily give up some lessons and still be at 5 or 6 power.

Use this card and get it out fast! The effects of Quidditch spells are tough enough on your opponent, let alone making them hit this much damage more.

Rating: 5


The Nimbus 2000 is the last and final sweeps week card. Now I've been getting alot of mail informing me about how "cleaning is good for you" and about how "a little work goes a long way", and to those people i say, how poor are you? Alright I know not everyone can be a Best-Selling author, but please don't blame me for your misfortunes. Whew glad i got that out of the way, now the Nimbus 2000 is probably the best broom there is. The best part about this card is that it adds +2 damage to each of your quidditch spells. The unfortunate thing, is that you need 7 lessons. Who's going to hold their Fouled, Ouch!, and Bludger in the Stands in their hands just until this play this card. Yes its nice, yes it add some extra punch, but when it comes to providing lessons and speed and protection, I actually prefer the Comet 260. Now maybe if I had a teacher who had a crush on me and gave me one, I might change my mind, but still none the less I feel that it takes too long to get this broom out and by the time you do, your damaging quidditch spells might have been played, although it will help you out down the line. Either way, it just depends on how fast you can get to 7 power, that will determine which broom you should use.

Rating: 3.5


The Nimbus 2000 is darned spiffy if you are playing with a lot of quidditch
damage in your deck. I can't wait to see the Firebolt! 2 extra damage
means a lot of things. First of all, faster kills, not to mention solving
matches that much better, and yes folx, it even works on bludgers! combine
bludgers with spells and a match or two and you should be doin great! The
only problem with this thing is most of the early spells cost between 4 and
6 and nimbus costs 7, so sometimes it comes out a little late in the game.
so i usually go with a side color for some early spells if im planning on
using nimbus.

Rating: 4.3



This is the second of 2 *brooms of choice*. It's required power is as high as the second key power in Quidditch, 7. In an almost pure Quidditch spell deck, It should be your broom of choice. It increases every Quidditch spell damage by 2 which is a big, whopping +10 damage in 5 spells. Another way to see it is that you reduce your opponents deck by 1/6! A new combo that has appeared in the last couple of weeks consists of having Hooch as a starter and you using your two first turns to play Charms lessons and Wand Shop. On the third turn, get the Nimbus, play it and play your first spell. Since you get it out by turn 3, the whole repertory of Quidditch spells in your deck will most likely do 2 more damage!

Rating: 4.5 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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