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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Obliviate - Base

Power Needed: 12 Charms
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Your opponent discards his or her hand.
Card No: 14
Rarity: Foil
Set: Base
Average Rating: 3.00 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card requires 12 lessons in play before it can be cast. If your deck has the "standard" lesson to non-lesson ratio of 40%, and you don't use characters or items that can provide you with "learning", it will take you about 20 turns to be able to play this card. That's a long wait. So what do you get for that? Well, if your opponent has an empty hand, you get nothing at all. And if your opponent has a lot of cards in hand after that many turns, it probably means you're already winning. So why bother? Despite this card's innate mediocrity, it is sometimes seen as a setup for Potions Class Disaster or as a finishing touch with Charms Exam.

Rating: 1.5


I'd yell duck at Lockhart, but would it really make a difference? This card is great with Potion Class Disaster, otherwise, it is too pricey and can only be used in certain situations that is worth it. They have to have a bunch of cards in their hand. It is that plain and simple. Sure near the close of a game they may have only 3 cards left and they may all be healing cards, but at 7, Charms Exam will still empty their pockets from what they have been hoarding. However, because it is apart of one of the best combos in the game, it still has to get a fair rating.

Rating: 3.0


Alright, there's is just nothing I can say about this card that you're not expecting. So, I'll just basically say it right out. When it comes to Obliviating, you're looking at the master. But when it comes to Obliviate the card, I just don't have much love for it. Now we all know that almost everyone has a charms and potions denial deck where they run the Obliviate and Potions Class Disaster combo. And while this is an awesome combo, which will frustrate and petrify your opponent right in their tracks, it is rather costly. I would have to say that getting to 12 power used to be a long road, but with the addition of wand shop, your prayers have been answered. And now, for the low bargain price of 6 Charms lessons and a Professor Snape as your starting character, you too can be on your way to power and fame. Obliviate on its own isn't that powerful of a card. Yes, your opponent has to dump their hand, but what if they only have 2 or 3 cards, are you really hurting them that much for a 12 power punch! If you follow that up with Potions Class Disaster, then you are most definitely laying a world of hurt on them since they just sacked five cards from play. Unless you're running this combo, I would stay away from Obliviate and concentrate on cards that are going to hurt your opponent and make them do damage.

Rating: 3.5


Dear Harry,

I COMPLETELY forgot what i was going to say!

~ Sirius

This card has serious kick and boohaha and stuff like that, yo.... i love this card, uhm.... yah, its a good card.... totally killing your opponents hand is amazing no matter what he or she is playing.... of course that is unless he or she doesnt have any cards in there hand.... one minor difficulty that.... hmmmm.... might wanna get that looked at.... combine this with potions class disasta and kiss your opponents booty gabybye baby ill be bach, you be mozart

Rating: 4

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