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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Doxy - Quidditch Cup

Power Needed: 6 CoMC
Card Type: Creature/Fairy
Effect: When you play this card, you may choose another Creature in play. Do 2 damage to it.
Damage each turn: 2
Health: 1
Card No: 36
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.85 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Another nice card! Some may claim that a fragile two power creature should not cost 6 lessons to get out. But they would be missing the point. This card often kills an opposing creature when it comes into play, and then sticks around to poke your opponent in the eye for two every turn. Yes, even when your opponent has you in a Privet "lock", their own creatures are not safe. This card is nice in multiples, as you can play two Doxys in one turn to take down one large creature. Often the low health is a blessing in disguise, as your Doxy's can come back to life through cards like Halloween Feast. Other good accompanying cards are Fumos and Porcupine Robe. Note that you are not required to assign the coming-into-play damage to a creature, which is good to know if you are facing a creatureless deck.

Rating: 4.5


Doxy is a cool card, but six CoMC for 2/1 isn't anything to brag about. Being able to do 2 damage to any creature is, though. This card can take out most of the creatures, but very few of the creatures that do 3+ damage. If you're using a deck with lots of creatures, go for it. If you're using a CoMC/Charms/McGonagall deck, I would advise putting Hedwig instead. Overall, any spell card that damages creatures will kill this card...but it can kill other creatures, too. :D

Rating: 3.5


This little Fairy went to market, this little Fairy stayed home, and this little Fairy got rid of your Cunning Fox. Yes, this is a great card! The only bad thing is it has just one health. In most creature decks 6 is a magic number of power. Doxy, Vicious Wolf and Hedwig are the reason for this. BTW if you have Hedwig out and you have another in your hand, did you realize you could use Doxy on your own creature…just a thought.

Rating: 4


Alright, lets just dive right into the wonderful world of the Doxy. Speaking of the Doxy, if you've already read my book "Dabbling in Doxy Land," you would know that the Doxy is a fierce critter with alot of arms for punching so watch yourself. For 6 power you get a creature that does 2 damage, along with an initial two damage to any creature in play. Imagine yourself running a speed deck, which involves you getting out as many creatures as possible along w/ decimating your opponent’s initial creatures. Your opponent just put out that Cunning Fox, then here comes Doxy, goodbye fox and now you have the upper hand. The nice thing about the Doxy's initial damage is that its creature damage, so its not effected by Through the Arch or 4 Privet Drive. So, it’s a non-spell way to rid yourself of critters, which I must say is quite priceless. Doxy may not be as attractive as its fellow 6 power Vicious Wolf, but if you figure that you're still doing 2 damage and your opponent is no longer doing 2 or 3 damage because you got rid of one of their creatures, you are much better off.

Rating: 3.75


Dear Harry,

I hope you are well, give my regards and well wishes to Ron and Hermione. I have to make this short as I am still on the run, but I wanted to let you know I was alive and well. I recently met up with Ron's Brother Charlie who introduced me to some interesting insects called Doxies. They have a mean bite and are rarely friendly. Make sure to keep an eye out. They might be useful if you need to get rid of one of Draco's pets or have a pet yourself that you would rather get rid of. Yet, overall, their use is limited to small annoyances, so in general, treat them with care. How is life with the Dursleys? Or shouldn't I have asked? In any case, I may be dropping by soon. Hope you enjoy the chocolates.


Rating: 3.5

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