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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Whomping Willow - Chamber of Secrets

Whomping Willow
Power Needed: 9 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Plant Unique
Requirement: To play this card, return 3 of your CoMC Lessons from play to your hand.
Ability: Before each of your turns, if your opponent has any Items in play, choose 1 of them and discard it.
Damage each turn: 8
Health: 12
Card No: 54
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.32 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Being a plant, the first thing you think about is a Sprout deck. Only this card isn't that great a fit for such a deck. Why? Well, it requires that you bounce three CoMC lessons into your hand to get it out. This means that you have to put such lessons in your deck, which negates Sprout's advantage of providing one of your colors for you. Also, most of the other plant cards in the game are far cheaper than this to cast. In a "typical" plant deck, the most expensive card to cast is usually the Dragon Dung Compost, at seven lessons. Including this card requires you to place a greater emphasis on your learning, that wasn't needed before. It just doesn't seem worth it. Well, how about other types of decks? Comparing to other cards, this one seems most like Fluffy. The three headed dog takes an extra lesson to get into play, and causes four more damage per turn. Also, it immediately drops you down in learning by two lessons, versus three for the Willow. The fact that this plant has only a 12 health, compared to Fluffy's 21, is largely irrelevant. It's big enough that it is very difficult to discard with Charms-based creature removal. On the plus side, if your starter is Hermione, you can get two of those lessons back in play right away. Also, the Whomper gives you that added benefit of destroying one opposing item a turn. I don't think this is a great thing, mind you. If my critter is punching my opponent for 8 per turn, the odds are the game isn't going to go on for very long. Overall, I see how this card could be better than Fluffy, if your deck starts Hermione. In most cases though, I prefer playing smaller creatures that get into play faster. Big guys like this sure look impressive when they get on the table, but are very inconsistent in providing you with wins, due to the slowness with which they come out.

Rating: 2.5


This is a VERY solid creature. For 9 COMC, you get a 8/12 creature that you have to return 3 COMC's to your hand for. BUT, the effect, at the beginning of your turn, if your opponent has any items in play, you can discard 1 of them. You can REALLY screw up your opponent with this! But, it is prone to Transfiguration as well...

Rating: 4


Yes it’s huge and yes it’s ability can be useful but returning 3 lessons is a major drag and you are very vulnerable to denial after they find some way to discard it. Hover Charm and Dobby’s Disapearence just ruin this card not to mention all the other transfiguration cards. However it is 8/12 which is very nice if you can ever keep it out.

Rating: 2.1


This card rules if you can get up to the cost. Not many people run trans so you have a good chance of keeping it in play. This card also destroys items. Farewell wands, farewell potions. I have this card in a deck and I really like it. The lessons go back to your hand so they are reuseable. This card rocks! I don't see why you shouldn't use it if you have a creature deck. Even if you had a low cost creature deck, you could still have it so you don't need to replay the lessons. 8 damage a turn is pretty high. 12 health is awesome. Destroying an item a turn is as good as you can get. I love this card.

Rating: 4


A really solid card. Instead of the fear of losing your lessons, they just go back to your hand. Then, you've got the nice ability to destroy one of your opponent's items, every single turn. >=) And this tree has definatly got the health to keep it swinging, and it's attack power is quite formidable at that as well. Being a plant is always nice in a plant deck, but uniqueness could be a limitation. Wouldn't it be nice to have alot of these fellers in play? ;')

Rating: 4

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