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Cobra Lily - Quidditch Cup

Cobra Lily
Power Needed: 5 CoMC
Card Type: Character - Plant
Ability: At the end of each of your turns, remove all damage counters from Cobra Lily.
Damage each turn: 2
Health: 3
Card No: 56
Rarity: Common
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 2.40 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


For five lessons to play, you should expect more from a creature than a meager 2 attack and 3 health. A Manticore has the same cost, same attack, but a 4 health. The Quintaped has the same cost, same attack, but a health of 5. So why would you ever play this? There's only one situation, in my opinion, that warrants having this in a deck. If your deck's leader is Professor Sprout, then the Cobra Lily's health is raised up to 5, equal to that of the otherwise strictly superior Quintaped. Additionally, being a plant, it also adds damage to any Dragon Dung Composts that you have on the table. In this specific deck archetype, the Cobra Lily is a strong card. If that's not the kind of deck you're playing, then you should be using one of those other cards instead.

Rating: 2


A decent 5CoMC monster. It can survive a Doxy or Streeler, but not Stream of Flames or Bewitched Snowball. It also does 2 damage a turn, so that's nice, too =) But, Quintaped is MUCH better. It's harder to kill, and has a cooler picture. A nice creature, but Cunning Fox does more damage...

Rating: 3.5


This card is only good when you have sprout out otherwise it is picked off by a Stream of Flames or a Bewitched Snowball way to easily. Cunning Fox and Slytherin Snake can be picked off by the same spell but can deal more damage. Unless you are playing plants play those.

Rating: 2


(I don't have a review today. You should email me until I do! :D)

Rating: n/a


Plants week. *sigh* I never liked plants all that much. The first plant is cobra lily. It's not that bad if you have sprout. Otherwise your opponent can easily kill it with a Stream of Flames. Since this card only does two damage, there's a good chance you're opponent will leave it in play and wait for a bigger creature to fry. If you are hoping for that effect, don't include many cards that do three or more damage. If you are using Sprout you should use this card becuase it's hard to kill since all damage counters are removed at the end of the turn. I don't care about this card but if you use it that's ok.

Rating: 2.5


I always thought it might be cool if there was a way to move damage around, and have these kind Plants end up healing it away easily for you. =) But it turns out that cumulative damage usually doesn't happen very often. If your opponent wants to take out one of your creatures, they'll usually end up doing it in one blow, or use a nifty creature discard effect.

Rating: 2


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Rating: n/a