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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Mid-air Collision - Diagon Alley

Thanks to htang for the Card Scan

Mid-air Collision
Power Needed: 10 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Ability: Do 10 damage to your opponent. Then choose 1 of your cards in play (other than your starting character) and discard it.
Card No: 62
Rarity: Common
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 3.5 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

No Review Today


With Wand Shop, any card thats 10 or more lessons required is now VERY possible. Only having to discard one card, of your choice, for 10 damage is amazing! You could discard a card like Hedwig and play another one! If you used Bias-Commentary before playing this, and have Nimbus in play, there's 17 damage, for one discard! Any Quidditch deck that has Wand Shop better have this card. Out of Control is good, but it doesn't have as much damage done.

Rating: 4


No Review Today


Quidditch has been waiting for it's heavy hitter. We've been willing to burn 2 potions for 12-damage or 10-damage in the potion spells, so why not burn any single card for 10-damage? I like the thought of having an extra-character card out there (Hannah Abbott for instance), use her ability, then play Mid-air Collision, then discard her for your card, and you will still have an action left. So although it is a costly card to get to, if you have been playing 'Out of Control, ' you might want to consider adding one or two of these as a last second back up.

Rating: 3


The Lupe-man is here, finally, for this CotD. I wish I could have done the creature cards, those are my specialties. Ah well:
Mid-Air Collision is a good card for high end Quidditch decks, but the unfortunate thing is that there are hardly any high end Quidditch decks. It's one of the only high cost Q card that does over 8 straight damage. Obviously, this card works best when you have useless cards in play (extra characters with their "Once per game" power used, unneccessary items, etc...), and at times it's not worth putting in your deck if you keep having to discard something you needed later on. I think it's a pretty mediocre damage card compared to those Potions behemoths that keep popping up. Nonetheless, it can be a key damage source for high end Quidditch decks. For high end decks it can go as far as a 4, but arbitrarily it's...

Rating: 3


At first glance, you see this card and think.. "What in the world?! This has to be the worse card in the entire game!!" But if you think about it, potions has you discard TWO "potion" lessons in order to do 10 damage with MavMix.
Atleast with this card you get too choose what you discard..
Have an ally you've already used up?
Got a creature you don't want anymore?
Maybe an item you've lost interest in?
An adventure that you wana get out of the way?
One of your matches your fixing to lose?
A location that's helping your opponent more than yourself?
Just play this card, lay down TEN damage on your opponent (big owie), and then choose one of your cards to discard. Since it's common, it should be easy to get enough for your deck. :)

Rating: 3.5


Mid Air Collision does a whopping ten damage for ten! The only possible drawback is that you have to sacrifice one of your permanents. However, if you think about this beforehand, there are lots of fun permanents to discard. Say for instance an additional character. If your other character has a once per game ability you wanted to use again, you could lose it and play it the next turn or possibly this one if you are also playing Gringott's or Platform or Unicorn or the like. Killing your Scabbers or Hedwig would be funny too, then, you could play your Hedwig again and get back your Mid Air Collision and play it next turn! Whoa! There are endless posibilities and even without a combo, this still is a good card. Ten can be hard to reach, but once you get there, it's worth it. And if you Stack this with all your other Quidditch damage and/or a Nimbus 2000, your opponent will definitely be hurting.

Rating: 4

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