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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Wand Shop - Diagon Alley

Thanks to htang for the Card Scan

Wand Shop
Power Needed: 4 Charms
Card Type: Location
Ability: When you play this card, discard any other location from play (yours or your opponent's). All Charms lessons (yours and your opponent's) provide two Charms power instead of one.
Card No: 16
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 4.38 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

No Review Today


This is probally the best Location card there is. All your charms can be Borrowed Wands! Too bad it doesn't work with Items too... When you play this card, if you have 4-5 charms out, your opponent will be scrambling to keep up with you. If they don't have Charms in there deck, or use Flitwick, they're in trouble. The longer this card stays in play, the better your chance of winning are. Bravado won't be needed if you have this card in play! But, never play this card if your opponent has Charms also!

Rating: 4


No Review Today


When I read this card the first time, I had to read it again. I love this card. Imagine having a card that works a lot like Bravado, but may stay in effect for more than one turn. It makes playing McGonagall with charms really inviting. I like the idea that you can get to your big cards in half the time without using items. I would love to give you combos for this card, but they are infinite. I do know if you like big creatures, your strategy just changed. All of those high costing spells, could now become a part of the everyday game. This card alone could entice people to play charms more than they used to. It will also make some people serious consider including location cards, Diffindo, or Picking on Neville in their deck for defense if you are not playing charms.

Rating: 5


This card is great for helping play high costing cards quicker if you run charms. Say you have 4 charms and 2 CoMC lessons out, you lay out this, then play Fluffy right afterwards. Or if you have 6 Charms out, you could be playing Obliviate instead of your usual Charms Exam. ;) You get the idea... the only down side would have to be IF your opponent is playing Charms lessons, you could be helping him some. But if your opponent plays pure charms, theres a good chance that he could be running this card anyways, so nomatter plays it first you'd both benefit, which is better than nothing I suppose.

Rating: 4.5


Wand Shop is just darned cool. The best Power advancement card out there because it grows every time you play a Charms Lesson. It's like having a deck of Borrowed Wands that don't kill each other. Yet, if your opponent is playing with Charms, you may regret this decision. Yet, if they aren't counting on the extra power available, you may get the upper hand, and Wand Shop/Obliviate would be a great turn no matter what lessons they are playing. It makes those hard to reach spells easier to get and those monstrously huge creatures just fall onto the table. If nothing else, this card makes the game more interesting even if your opponent is playing Charms. Of course, if they play a Location, it goes away, so you want to be sure you use your wand shop before they do, playing wand shop on your second action is a no no no matter what. Did i stutter? Who knows? The Shadow knows!!!! okee... now im just being silly.... in sum, i like it, i love it, i want more of it....

Rating: 4

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