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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Rubeus Hagrid - Base Set


Rubeus Hagrid
Card Type: Character - Unique
Ability: Whenever 1 of your Creatures does 3 or more damage to your opponent, it does 2 more damage than it normally would.
Card No: 18
Rarity: Holo
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 3.46 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

I've already written that I don't think Hagrid is very good, but I'll try and repeat why.
In essence, if you have out no creatures of power 3 or greater, Hagrid is worthless, so having a creature or spell would be better. If you have one creature of power 3+, then he will do 3 damage. It would be better to play a second big creature, which would take one less action.

If you have two big creatures out, Hagrid deals 4 a turn, while another big creature would deal 3. However Hagrid still takes 2 actions to play, and requires having the creatures stay alive to deal damage, so he's still not better than playing another creature.

If you manage to get out 3 big creatures, then Hagrid would do 6 damage a turn. However, you have to keep these creatures in play. If you do this without Hagrid, you deal 9 damage a turn or more anyway, so you are probably going to win. It would be much better to instead of playing Hagrid, and risk having your creatures killed, to instead play spells such as steel claw, or a different damage spell, and kill your opponent aa turn or two faster.

Basically, Hagrid is only good when you are already doing good and destroying your opponent. Cards that are only good when you have a good position aren't good cards! They are unnecessary. You don't need to use cards which are good when your game is going really well, such as Hagrid. You need cards that will stor you from dying when things go poorly, or will make it so you start doing well in the first place. Hagrid does neither. Therefore, he's not worth it.

Rating: 1.5


Hagrid is by far the best card to combo with creatures. Being able to boost cards damage by two is really great. All of a sudden Vicious Wolf is a Norbert, and Guard Dog is 5/5. Only working with creatures that are 3+ damage isn't that good, but if you have Into the Forbidden Forest out, it is a huge advantage.

Rating: 5


First off, I take offense to being classified as a Unique Beast. Just because I was (falsely) kicked out of Hogwart's does not give MadEye the reason to call me a beast. Giant's have feeling too.

Ok, that said, on to the card. With the introduction of the base set, Hagrid quickly became a must-have in all creature decks. Its only drawback was that he isn't a wizard, so he can't be a starter. (Hopefully someday Dumbledore will correct that tragic injustice that was done to Hagrid.) This meant that the first player to draw and play Hagrid was often the winner. His power allowed the Wolves and dragons to take a big bite out of your opponent. Plus, the power also kicks in whenever a Steelclaw is played.

With the addition of the QC expansion, Hagrid, when also playing the adventure "Into the Forbidden Forest" puts a big bite into all but the smallest creatures.

I'm a little torn on the rating, especially since someone said that I was perfect this week. Unfortunately, Hagrid's heyday way be passing. Especially with the capabilities in DA to remove your opponents characters. But that's next week's review.

Rating: 4


Hagrid is a tough card to rate. Prior to the Quidditch Expansion, he was much stronger. Now, that the game has changed, I really see him as a back up adventure card more than a character card. People misuse Hagrid. They think that they need to get him out early, just in case the other guy does. Well, actually getting two creatures out early and fast are better than taking the two-action Hagrid play. If you play creatures and anti-creature cards and are not using Vanish or Diffindo, consider them (these are not for speed decks). They defend against Hagrid as if he was a creature (which he is, in is own right). Hagrid is better played, I believe, when you have some 3-damage creature cards in play and run out of good creatures to play. That is when to use him.

Rating: 2.5


This boy is the king of big creature decks. Creatures with attack 3 and up get his plus two bonus easily. Creatures with attack of 2 can use Into the Forbidden Forest, and owls with attack of 1 can use ItFF and Eeylops Owl Emporium (from the DA set), to do up to five damage each turn. So only 12 out of 32 creatures (DA included), can't be benefited by Hagrid. The drawbacks of this card would be the fact that he can't be a starter, and he takes up two actions to play. If you play Ron Weasley or The Leaky Cauldron (DA), then he'd only cost 1 action, or if you used The Sorting Hat you could find him if he isn't in your hand. Against transfig decks, he might run into problems like Diffindo and similar cards.

Rating: 3.5


Rubeus Hagrid.... boy i just love the way that guy said his name in the movie... rings in my ears every time i read this card!!!!

Anywho, Hagrid is cool and until qc, there was no real way to get rid of him short of playing him first. but nowadays, there are lots of cards that get rid of characters and Hagrid also does no good if you don't have any creatures in play. Creature Denial decks seem to be running rampant nowadays :)

However, when every creature that is doin three damage does two more, Haggy is not to be underestimated. one of the few characters that is not a wizard, you can't start out with him, yet he's still the boss & nova :) Hagrid doesn't dance, well... not until book four... but your opponent will be dancin to get away from him if you got creatures dealin damage already and not tooo many peeps put anti character cards in their deck. A lot of peeps are playin Diffindo, but if you got creatures running loose, the choice of what to Diffindo becomes difficult. I generally tend to stay away from Hagrid simply because i'd rather put another creature in my deck. At least that way, i know when i play it that they will HAVE to deal with it or take the damage. With Hagrid, you can't be tooooo sure of that.

All in all, i would say Hagrid is a darned good card for creature decks, especially if youre looking for places to fill. I wouldn't revolve any deck around him too strongly, but Hagrid is still da man.

Rating: 4.25

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