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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Rubeus Hagrid - Base Set


Power Needed: 10 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Dog Unique
Ability: To play this card, discard 2 of your CoMC lessons from play.
Damage each turn: 12
Health: 21
Card No: 4
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.90 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

While you must sacrifice two lessons to play fluffy, just like Norbert, in this case, fluffy is far less vulnerable, being killable only by direct kill spells, not damage. (21 health is just too much!) Also, he deals 12 damage a turn, so he must be dealt with quickly, or else your opponent will die. Because spells which outright kill a creature of the casters choice ar enot played much anymore, fluffy is quite good. However, his cost is quite large, so your deck must be constructed specifically with the purpose of getting him into play. Note that Bravado cannot be used to play fluffy for 5 cost. That would just cheat.

Rating: 4.5


Ah, Fluffy. Where were you in my killer Base Set pure creature deck. Since no damage spells can take Fluffy out, if you're playing a Trans-less deck and you get Fluffy out, it's game over. 12 damage a turn is huge, 21 health is even better. Having to discard 2 CoMC isn't that bad, since in a deck Fluffy is in, it's probally the only high-lesson card. Following Fluffy with Jawbind Potion is probally one of the better combo's in the game, and if you have Abbott out, it just makes it better.

Rating: 4


Another of me beloved creatures. What Trevor wasn't a superior toad, Fluffy is definitely king of the beasts. When we first saw this card (12 damage, 21 health) there was one word that came to everyone's mouth... BROKEN. As we tried to play him, most people realized that he is hard to play (cost of 10, discard 2) and he is the instant target for Diffindo, Incarcifors, or even a pesky cage.

Fluffy works best when played on the first action followed by the dreaded Steel Claw. If you're playin Hagrid, that 1/4 of your opponent's deck before he even knows what hit him. If you can't hit right away, then you've probably wasted two lessons and a bunch of actions. But when he does bite, it's gonna hurt.

Rating: 3


I know that rating Fluffy only a 3 will upset those who really like this card. All I heard prior to the Quidditch Expansion is that this is a 'broken card'. BAH! It hasn't even made a slightest bit of difference in the game. The simplest of anti-creature cards can make him act like a Surly Hound and hit the Graveyard fast.

I agree, it is nice to get it out and into play, but don't expect to only have one in your deck to accomplish this. Also, I hear people say Fluffy-Steelclaw rules. Well, Fluffy-Jawbind Potion is the better play unless it is your last hit of the game. That is the real way to use Fluffy. Keep him out as long as possible. Plus, the turn after you used the first Jawbind, that is where you want to hit them with your Steelclaw. I mean why hit them with 12 in one turn, when in two, you could hit them for 24 or 36.

Rating: 3


This is one big puppy. Just like Norbert from yesterday, you have discard 2 CoMC lessons to play it, but this guy does over twice what Norbert can do and has 7 times Norbert's health. With that much health, if your opponent has this out and you don't play Transfiguration or any other way to get rid of it, you better just resign. Two Draught of Living Deaths could put a cap on it, but who wants to waste that much potential damage on a creature instead of the opponent. If it can't be discarded, the other option is trying to return it to their hand, so Cages and the new Prof Quirrell would be good to use against him. Steelclaws, like usual, only add the the bite of this killer doggie.

Rating: 4


Fluffy Rocks! anyone who says different can answer to me! Twelve damage.... TWELVE!!!! and not really killable without Transfiguration. Sure, he's a creature, he dies easy to things like Incarcifors. But even one turn of damage from this three headed monstrosity and your opponent will be hurting. And a Steelclaw/Jawbind Potion right after Fluffy practically insures that damage. I think that if more people played with Fluffy, everyone would be playing with Transfiguration in their deck if they aren't already.

The best defenses i can think of agaisnt Fluffy are things that pop him back to your opponent's hand such as Cage and Fluffy Falls Asleep. In the Stands will help if he's not already out, but once they solve it, you'll be wishin you had yer Incarcifors instead.

He's kinda hard to get out at 10 power, but definitely worth it even if he does eat those two lessons. Makes me wish i knew how to play the flute :) Fluffy is simply the best creature out there if you can get him to stick around. If you are playing with creatures in your deck and you can get up to ten power, i would think you a fool for not at least considering putting Fluffy in your deck.

Rating: 5

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