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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Trevor - Quidditch Cup


Power Needed: 3 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Toad - Unique
Ability: When you play this card, you may put a Lesson card from your discard pile into your hand.
Whenever a Spell card damages you, you may let Trevor take that damage instead.
Health: 1
Card No: 30
Rarity: Foil/Rare
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.17 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

Trevor is a very good, versatile creature, which should be considered for any deck utilizing creatures.

While Trevor deals no damage, he performs two useful functions. First, he can take the damage from a spell which would otherwise hit you, which is quite useful against many decks, and especially against potions decks, which can do a lot of damage with one spell.
Secondly, Trevor will get you back a lesson from your graveyard. This is very useful if you sacrifice lessons for creatures or other spells, such as potions. In addition, it can be useful even if you have no cards which sacrifice lessons, because if you have taken damage, there is a large probability that a lesson will be in your discard. Therefore, playing Trevor will let you take that lesson. Thus, he can be used to give yourself a free lesson draw, and enable you to sacrifice more lessons, or play higher cost cards.

At a cost of only 3, Trevor can easily be played even after sacrificing some lessons. Or, if you just cant seem to draw lessons but you have taken some damage, he can give you a needed lesson draw, and then serve to protect you from further damage.

In combination with Halloween feast, you can even get him back and use him to protect you from more spells and get back more lessons. The only problem with Trevor is that he is unique, so you probably only want to play 2 or so of him. If your opponent plays him, you can just kill him and play your own. (Of course, so can your opponent)
I would consider Trevor for any creature based deck.

Rating: 4.5


Trevor allows you to block damage from one spell, and does no damage. For this reason, he's not really a good creature. The only good thing about him is you get to take One lesson from your discard pile and put it into your hand. With only 1 health, any card that you choose to block kills him. Even Baubillious will kill him. Since he does no damage either, he can't be boosted by adventures or Hagrid. I would really recommend using Kelpie instead of Trevor.

Rating: 2


Ever heard of a pet toad on steroids? Well, Trevor isn't it. He does add one additional feature that the base set toad did not have. When you play Trevor, you can retrieve a lesson card from your discard pile and return it to your hand. This bonus comes at a cost. Trevor costs an additional lesson to play, plus he is unique.

Trevor is a mid to late-game card to protect you from your opponent's heavy hitting spells. Playing him early will normally nullify the lesson recovery. I'm not a big fan of the toads and kelpies. Used in the right situation, they can save the game, but, if you're playing creatures, you could have already done that much damage, or more, with a boa or Forest troll.

Rating: 2


Trevor can be a savior in a creature deck. If you are playing someone using heavy spells, he's nice to have out late in a game. Keeping you from having to take big damage, that might get you through one more turn to let your creatures do damage to your opponent is always good. Plus, if you like to play Unicorns, in one turn you can have a Unicorn, a spell damage prevention card (Trevor), and still get you're lost lesson back in play. That is a nice turn.

For spell decks that have a little room, for a few extra cards, you should think about finding room for 5 COMC lessons, Trevor, and a couple of Pet Toads. Your opponent will not be expecting you to use these lessons for those creatures alone. This may lead them into holding creature killer cards for bigger creatures that you won't have (causing them wasteful turn decisions) and you can stop a few damage spells while they thinking - defense.

Being, Unique, means limiting to one 'in play.' That is why if you are going to play Pet Toads, you might as well make at least one of them Trevor (who can't use an extra lesson). Some believe 2 in a deck can be a waste for most decks, but if you use one for prevention and he gets discarded, you could be playing the other one. This will of course come down to whether or not you will need damage 'spell' prevention.

Rating: 4


If you're looking for big damage dealing creatures, this definatly wouldn't be your first choice. He's just like a Pet Toad from Base Set, except with the bonus of getting a lesson from your discard pile back, but a drawback of being unique. (Although, in the real world, uniqueness is a good thing. ;) )

I probably wouldn't go to the extreme of puting four of them in your deck, but since they usually drop out fairly quickly against spell decks, the uniqueness isn't that much of a pain.

Rating: 3


Trevor is basically one step up from Pet Toad, he's a cheap creature that eats damage, but he also gives you a lesson to your hand. The downfall of Trevor is that he is Unique, so if you're opponent has one in play, or you already have one in play, you have to wait till the other one is gone. This isn't that bad if you are the only one playing Trevor cuz then yuou can just recycle them.

In an age where you're not really sure what you're opponent is playing, Trevor would come in handy unless your oppenent is playing only creatures. And avoiding a high damage spell such as Malevolent Mixture, or even the card that wins the Match in play can often mean the difference between the win and the loss. And the lesson to your hand often can make a difference as well if you are playing with a lesson eating deck.

I've seldom used Trevor or Pet Toad, but I can't say they don't have their value either. But I usually end up siding em out for something else. I guess all in all, Trevor is a good card, but just isn't my style. :)

Rating: 3.5

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