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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Into the Forbidden Forest - Quidditch Cup


Into the Forbidden Forest
Card Type: Adventure
Effect: Whenever 1 of your Creatures does damage to your opponent, it does 1 more damage.
To Solve: Your opponent skips a total of 5 Actions. (Those Actions don't need to be one right after the other.)
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw a card.
Card No: 39
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.13 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

Like Peeves causes trouble, this is another very bad adventure, though probably not quite as bad. Again, the cost to destroy this adventure is very high, but your opponent will not pay it, instead they will focus on either killing your creatures, thus rendering it ineffective, or else they will simply use the extra turn you wasted playing this to kill you faster.

Compare this card to Steelclaw. Lets say you get out 4 two power creatures. (A good situation for you). Using Into the forbidden forest, you could spend a turn getting out an adventure which would deal 4 extra damage a turn, provided your opponent didn't just kill your creatures. However, what if you had a steelclaw? You could do 8 damage right away! Often, the game comes down to a race between you and your opponent trying to kill each other, and wasting a turn so that in later turns you will deal more damage wont help you nearly as much as dealing an extra 8 damage with a steelclaw right now, and casting another spell, or even casting 2 steelclaws with the time it takes to play the adventure, dealing 16 damage! Against another creature deck, the steelclaw will help you to win the damage race, while the adventure will probably lose you time and allow your opponent to cast a couple steelclaws for the kill. Against a non-creature deck, while you waste the time playing this adventure, your opponent could use that turn to kill your creatures, rendering it useless. However, if you had a steelclaw, and a creature or two in play, you could use your turn to play another creature and then steelclaw, doing significant damage. You don't give your opponent a free turn with which to destroy your creatures.

In addition, this card is just bad if your opponent plays McGonagall. In short, don't play this card. It is similar to, but not even as good as, Hagrid, who in other articles I have already said is not very good, and you should play out more creatures, or spells like Steelclaw instead.

Rating: 1


No Review Today


At first glance this card could be seen as not that strong. Adding 1 damage to each creature is nice, but unless you have a lot of creatures out there are better damage producing adventures. However, it gained value when WoTC ruled that card effects and powers can be additive. Now, if ya have Hagrid out also, a low-cost creature such as the Boa Constrictor (4F, 2 damage) suddenly can do 5 damage per turn. This turns a quick-attack deck into a killin machine.

The cost to solve is pretty high (skipping 5 actions) so it's gonna be around for at least three turns. This card is almost a must have in creature decks. Unfortunately, in any other deck it will just take up space.

Rating: 4


I find I use this card in many of my creature decks. The reward for solving is week and it can make small creatures get a little more punch.
It doesn't seem like much at first glance, but it is in the way you look at it. If your 1-damage creatures now hit like boas and all your 2-damage creatures hit like the wolf. But when you think of all your 3-damage creatures hitting like the Mountain Trolls it does become intimidating to your opponent.

Some people may not think intimidation can be a good weapon in TCG's. I'm here to tell you that it can make a big difference depending on your opponent. I've had games with good starts and then my cards went sour. However, since I hit them hard early, I've had people quit on me when they had a chance to come back. They just felt like they could not recover and they gave up.

Sure this card is only adding 1-damage each, but that can add up. It is true that Hagrid can help you out with an extra 2-damage each, but only on the big creatures (3 or more). This adventure works with all the damaging creatures. The other real benefit of this card is that to solve it the long way.(skipping 5 actions) usually doesn't seem worth the trouble. So it is a card that will more than likely stay on the table for most of the game. Which unlike other adventure cards means you may not have to stock 4 of them to be effective.

Rating: 4


No Review Today


Like all adventures, this one too fears McGonagall. Most people won't skip five actions to discard it and draw one card, unless they think that you'd be hurting if they did. When this card first came out, people were comboing it with Hagrid and then later, Wizards accually ruled the combo as legit. So now, if you max out on this card, even McGonagall would eventually have trouble with it, and you could use lower costing creatures to get out faster plus some cards like Swarm or Steelclaw to do more damage. I would probably only use this card in decks it wouild benefit, because your creatures are usually left open to be shot at, since Privet is what usually protects you and your creatures from spells. =)

Rating: 3.5


No Review Today

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