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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Human Chess Game - Base Set


Human Chess Game
Card Type: Adventure
Effect: During each of your opponent's turns, he or she can play cards only if you played 1 or more cards on your previous turn.
To Solve: Your opponent chooses and discards 1 of his or her Characters in play (other than his or her starting character) or 8 cards from their hand.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw 3 cards.
Card No: 11
Rarity: Foil Rare
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 4.13 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

This is a very strong adventure, which is helpful in allowing you to draw a lot of cards, while forcing your opponent to do the same. Then, if you are able to take more advantage of these extra cards than your opponent, by means of Hermione to play extra adventures, through the use of a Charms exam or Obliviate to force your opponent to discard, or so on, then you will gain a huge advantage. This card can buy you the time you need to draw necessary cards. For example, you could get out some lessons, make sure that your opponent has no creatures (by killing them). Play a human chess game. Then draw for several turns. Then before your opponent discards 8 cards to destroy this, you can play the Bravado and Obliviate that you drew with your many cards. Alternately, you could do this faster and use Bravado and Charms Exam, which allows your opponent to redraw some cards, however, it gives you a big advantage since you will have a much larger hand. (If they draw a huge amount, use another charms exam soon).

Another way to use human chess game is to get out a creature or two and then play it. If your opponent cannot destroy your creatures, they will be forced to sit their, doing nothing for several turns, until they can discard 8 cards and then use their actions to kill your creatures or play some of their own. During those turns, your creatures will be dealing damage to your opponent.

As with all adventures, the existence of McGonagall makes it danagerous to play the adventure in your deck, since it might be a wasted card.
However, Human chess game is quite good, and in the right deck is definitely worthwhile.

Rating: 4.5


No Review Today


Human Chess Game is an adventure that, when used in the right deck, can totally shut down your opponent. This card works best in a deck which doesn't rely on playing a lot of cards. When used in a fast creature deck, you can watch your opponent get eaten alive while waiting to solve it. If you play a heavy spell deck, then you nullify the impacts of the adventure.

Speaking of solving, this card also carries one of the heaviest prices (loss of 1 character from play, or 8 cards from hand). The QC expansion both strengthened and weakened this card. The new fast creatures made it possible start doing heavy damage early, while denying the opponent a chance to set up or retaliate. The addition of Professor McGonagall's power also made it easier to solve. QC also added new adventures that can reduce your opponent's activities without also limiting your.

Rating: 4


This card is a good play in many creature decks and in the Draco/Chess combination. You will find if you can get your setup, it can help you stifle your opponent.

Once you have some of your creatures out you can play Chess and let them do damage until they can solve the adventure. It can be as good as a Steelclaw in this manner in some situations, even better. Keep in mind, that McGonagall can beat this the first time around.

I find the Draco/Chess combo a cheap play, but it is effective and it is a legal play. I am not going to sit here and take the time to explain it to you, because I really don't agree with its use in that manner. I will however, say it does work. Most players will not play you again if you use this combo, only because they agree it is a lame game plan.

Rating: 4


No Review Today


No Review Today


I've always had a fondness for Human Chess Game, but it is one of the harder adventures to work with. The first reason i like it is because im a chess fanatic and i loved the wizards chess in the books, but that has nothing to do with the card, now does it? Beyond that, if worked well, it completely limits your opponent's playing power. This card is definitely not a stand alone, yet there are many many possible ways to work this into a deck to make your deck that much better. It is one of the harder adventures to solve (discard 8), yet if you just let your opponent keep drawing, it will dissapear quickly. Therefore, when playing this card, the trick is to limit your opponent's cards. First appearing in Draco decks, i have also seen it used with any number of other characters. It seems to me this is one card that's possiblities have not been fully investigated and/or utilized.
If used correctly, it can win the game, yet if used poorly, it is a waste of two actions. I guess all in all, i'd keep a sharp eye on this card and look for new and exciting combonations to go with it.

Rating: 4

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