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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Great Hall - Adventures at Hogwarts

Great Hall
Power Needed: 2 Charms
Card Type: Location
Ability: When you play this card, discard any other location from play (yours or your opponent's). Before each player's turn, he or she draws a card.
Card No: 11
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.70 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card is similar in many ways with Gringott's, which gives each player an extra action (that can be used to draw a card). However, this is half the price but allows your opponent to gain the first benefit from it. The other difference is that this card doesn't provide any help in playing that extra drawn card. In all likelihood, that will lead to your opponent having a larger hand, especially if you couple it with some lesson denial. Any card that is more effective against large hands will interact nicely with Great Hall. That includes spells that discard all hand cards (Charms Exam, Obliviate) or all of some specific type of card (Out of the Woods). It also makes more hurtful any adventure which must be solved with a hand discard (Hut on the Rock, Sticking up for Neville). One idea you might try out is using adventures that help fill up their hand (Through the Arch, Hagrid Needs Help, Into the Forbidden Forest, Pep Talk), so that Griphook can deal a hefty wallop. If doing this, then you should concentrate on using cards that bounce (return to hand) cards rather than discard them. For example, use Mice to Snuffleboxes or Professor Quirrell, instead of Incarcifors or Tranfiguration Test. The Great Hall makes for a decent card that supplements this strategy.

Rating: 2.5


If you are running a Quid/Charms speed spell deck or a speed Creature deck, this card could become your friend. If not, I would think twice about using it. This is also for the most part and early game Location. You don't want to see this card out late in the game unless you have a really good lead. I don't see this card getting too much play just like Gringotts got ignored. It looks to be handy, but everyone will be afraid of it backfiring on him or her. Another nice idea might be to think of using this card with Draco Malfoy of the Base Set.

Rating: 2.5


The Great Halls effect is not that great, but if you find yourself playing a low level deck and are constantly always using your two actions to play cards, well getting two draws and two plays is going to be quite useful to you. Its cheap so its not hard to get out, but then again there are probably more Locations out there could be more useful for you. Almost every card has a strategy associated with it you can exploit it, but I don't feel that this Location provides the kind of advantage you would definitely use to finish off your opponent.

Rating: 2


If you're using a deck that likes to draw cards and has a plan for all the extra cards your opponent will have, then this is the card for you. If you're going to be helping you opponent, you need a plan for all those extra cards. Griphook is a good idea, and maybe even Charms Exam. Peeves might help too. If you just want to draw cards without helping out your opponent, try Photo Album or Delivery Owl.

Rating: 3


Everybody likes to draw cards!!! the question is can you use them!?!?!? Your opponent is likely to like having this card in play early game and not so much so late game which is perfect for early damage decks. I suggest for this card a lot of early damage to get your opponent's deck down early. You could also do a lot of hand manipulation in conjuction with The Great Hall and that would be effective also. And now we have Confundus AND Purple Fireworks at reasonable costs and they are in charms! Although the hazard of helping your opponent with this one is strong, I still see many possibilities with this deck.... build with care! or as a certain one eyed Auror would say "CONSTANT VIGILENCE!"

Rating: 3.5

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