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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Flying Motorbike - Adventures at Hogwarts

Flying Motorbike
Power Needed: 3 Transfiguration
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Choose an Adventure or Location in play and discard it. (If you discard an Adventure, you don't get the reward.)
Card No: 37
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.53 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card appears rather weak. It's just too narrow, as many decks don't contain any adventures or locations, making this a dead card. It also fails to handle two of the most irritating adventures: 4 Privet Drive and Through The Arch. If you want to get rid of opposing locations, just play your own. If you want to get rid of an adventure, try McGonagall or the new set's Argus Filch. Or Picking On Neville. Or Diffindo. But not this. Have you ever sat in a chair and flicked a deck of cards into a small wastebasket, one at a time? This is a good card for that. This might go on to also become respectable in Harry Potter, if future play sees a great rise in the frequency of adventures and locations being played. But for now....

Rating: 2


Whether or not Adventures become a more regular part of the game or not, this card may come in handy. I feel it is nice not to have a card that not only denies Adventures, but get those Locations as well. In some ways Picking on Neville (PON) or Diffindo are better choices. Since they force any card out of the game. And if Locations seem to bother you, keep in mind that it may be worth having to Locations yourself. They may benefit your deck instead of just getting rid of one, since they do replace each other. However, your deck may be short on cards and your power level need may be small. In that case PON (which doesn't guarantee the card will be removed) or Flying Motorbike may be just the ride you're lookin' for!

Rating: 2.5


With the new set there seems to be a greater deal of emphasis being put on adventures and locations, and now you have a card to deal with both. Previous, there was apparate, at 1T and Logic Puzzle at 6C to get rid of adventures, along with Minerva. Now there is the Flying Motorbike and Filch. So what are you going to do, it all depends on your strategy. If you're going to be playing Locations yourself then your Locations played will just rid yourself of your opponents Locations, if you're worried about adventures, use Filch, However if you're deck is strong and fast, and you're worried that adventures or your opponents locations will be the end of you, well my friend this card might definitely help you out of a pinch.

Rating: 2.15


Options are good! If your card can discard this or that, then it is much better than a card that simply gets rid of one type of card. Locations are becoming more and more common in people's decks and Adventures as well. AND both of these are fairly large threats nowadays. The reason everyone likes Picking on Neville and Diffindo so much is because they get rid of ANY card.

PON could be a better alternative to this card, but there is always the possibility your opponent will not want to get rid of it and lose two other cards instead. All in All, I think this card is fairly strong especially with all the new adventures out there.

Rating: 3



Decks with Transfig, but no McGonagall (shame on you :P), might take a liking to this card. It's like a multi-purpose Apparate. You can kill an Adventure OR you can get rid of an opponent's pesky Location. Apparate costs 1T, but and FM can do more for just 2 more power. And what's the chances of you needing to Apparate first turn anyways. Three power should be easy to reach, and if it isn't your deck probably has problems.

There are 3 Advens that stop spells, 4 that effect them in some way, and the other 29 Adventures don't have anything to do with spells. McGonagall is only a one-shot gun, and you could always save her for those "no spells" adventures. Filch is a great new card, but since he can't be your starter, he can be PON'd.

Sure, locations can be killed by other locations, but who's going to have more than 4 locations in their deck? Most people will only have 1 type of location, and even 4 locations might not be enough to get one when you need to kill your opponent's if you kill your opponent's with a spell, then when they play another one, you could kill it with another spell, or just one of your locations now, and eventually you'll have more locations than they do, so you wind up on top.

Just remember, having options is nice. Even if you don't put 4 of these bad boys in your deck, they still would benefit any deck that tries to take on all kinds of decks and still do good.

Rating: 3

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