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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Dumbledore's Watch - Adventures at Hogwarts

Dumbledore's Watch
Power Needed: 9 Transfiguration
Card Type: Item-Unique
Effect: If this card is in play before your turn, discard all cards (other than each player's starting Character) from play (including this card).
Card No: 6
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.60 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I like the idea of a card that "resets" the game. That's great to have when things aren't going your way. My problem with this card is its cost. Nine lessons? If you are getting plastered, it's doubtful you'll have that many out. For the same reason, it's not so good for a deck that tries to win with lots of small stuff, clearing the board when the opponent catches up on development. The one use that does seem feasible for this card is some sort of discard deck that has a heavy emphasis on development. You get to 9 lessons and a few more in hand, then throw out this little grenade to blow up the board. You are now prepared to recover much more quickly from the devastation. Does that sound realistic? Nah, I didn't think so either.

Rating: 1.5


There are some big combos for this card, but I like a late in the game attack method best. Take the time to build up you lessons to get this card in play. Your deck should have some 1 to 4 power creatures in it. Speed creatures and power lesson building is where this is going. Your starter should be Prof. McGonagall and work lesson building as your key factor for opening plays. Once you opponent has his table play set up and is ready to start doing some damage to you, play Dumbledore's Watch. Then the turn after you are both wiped out hit them with you one CoMC and Forest Troll or Curious Raven (or even work the new Gargoyle cards in as quickly as possible. Having some Picking on Neville or Lost Notes handy will really help keep them from coming back. Keep in mind that when this card takes effect it is like starting the game over 1/3 the way through the game and you get to go first. By having a part speed creature deck your hand should now be in good shape to unleash it's ability while completely disabling your opponent. (Because you were building your hand up for this while preparing your Watch play.) When most of their lessons and game plan just went to their discard pile it should set you up for great game advantage. Now this idea will not do well against other speed creature decks or small spell decks, but it is a frustrating this to do to your opponent and throw their game off kilter. Good luck in think of other ways to use this card.

Rating: 3


After careful consideration, I've finally figured out the best use for this card. This is the anti philosopher's stone card. Well why is it that might you ask, well just think, its toward the end of the game your opponent, just put all there lessons into play after using the stone, and you then wipe them clear off, how are they going to do anything, especially if when they healed they maybe had 10 cards left, with what 3 or 4 lessons maybe in there, what are they going to do if they can only muster 3 or 4 power the rest of the game, cause there lessons are sitting in their discard pile. You, probabably sitting at 20 power, have a better chance to finish off your opponent cause you can get some more damaging spells or creatures out. So if you're fearful of the stone, then carry the watch.

Rating: 3.25


This card is just plain scary!!! The self evident combo of course is with The Philosophers Stone. That or if you play it in a heavy stall deck this card would be brutal. I'm glad it is unique (unlike the Golden Snitch Sheesh!) because putting two of these out would almost certainly trigger it's effect. This is a major win card in that if you have it in your deck, this should be part of your win strategy. There are a lot of directions to go with with this card, such as simply waiting till your opponent is too low on cards to do any damage before they draw themselves out of cards. Go with the Philosophers Stone and after all your lessons come back into play, get yourself one Major Heal. Griphook, Peeves, and adventures that do damage could also be a way to go. The possibilities are endless, but i fear that making a deck with any of these combos is going to take a lot of skill to play.

Rating: 4.25



Sorry for the tardiness. Summer makes me sleep-in too much, sometimes. :P

This is the Armageddon of HP. 9T is steep, so you won't be getting it out soon, not that you would want to anyways. It's kind of a drastic card to play, maybe if your opponent has tons of creatures, or other cards on the table, that could kill you, and you have alot of cheap healing cards, or a healing starting character, then (and maybe only then), would it be an "ok" card to play. I'm not real fond of it myself, but if someone finds a kill combo that utilizes this card well, it might be better then. The uniqueness just prevents you from playing more that one copy of this card, so your opponent won't have to deal with two watches.

Rating: 1

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