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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Sickle - Adventures at Hogwarts

Power Needed: 7 Charms
Card Type: Item - Money
Effect: You can play only 1 Money card each turn. Before your turn, if this card is in play, discard it and your get 2 more Actions this turn.
Card No: 46
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 4.11 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I'm going to apologize up front if I seem a bit more incoherent than usual. (who can tell?) You see, I keep hearing these faint little voices inside my head, (that's us!) and I've been very distracted by them. (pity party time) I don't know what they are. (eaten ants - what else would be in an aardvark's head?) For the
sake of you loyal readers, I will try to struggle on. (what a martyr!) So on to the
review! (yawn) Sickle takes two actions to draw and play, and produces two actions in return. (ZZZzzzzzzzz) What's the point in that? (seems obvious to us) I'd prefer to use my actions right now than wait a turn. (no patience!) I suppose if there was some benefit that could be derived from those actions, it would be OK. (there is!) But I can't think of what that might be. (bravado/ obliviate/potions class disaster) Maybe some kind of cheesy combo deck. (now you're on the right track) One that needs more than 2 actions in a turn to work right. (yes. bravado/obliviate/pcd) If there was such a combo. (??? BRAVADO/OBLIVIATE/PCD!!!) Huh? What was that? Anyway, I can't think of one. (sigh) Wait! How about a Professor Quirrell and Out of the Woods! (idiot)

Rating: 2.5 (4.5)

Rating: 3.5


I love this card. For 7C, you get 2 extra actions the next turn! This only adds up to one action since you use one to play it, but it is really cool. You can solve Through the Arch in ONE TURN! Then, with the reward, take Sickle back! You can also have some actions to draw to get what you need, and still be able to play them...the turn you drew them!

Rating: 4.5


Wizard Bank or no Bank, the Sickle rules! 7 power fits in nicely with that Quidditch/Charms Matches idea. But it also says this. If you have an opportunity to put your opponent away all at once, this is just asking for trouble. This is looking like this: 2 Bulgeye is 26 damage in one turn; 2 Three Month Long Match and 2 Catch the Snitch is 30 damage in one turn; An adventure that need discards to solve and you empty your opponent's hand with any 2 other cards. Let me be straight with you. If you see this card come out anywhere from the middle to late in the game, you either get it off the table or finish off your opponent, because it is over if you don't. Take care or beware the choice is yours.

Rating: 4.5


Okay so you're making that withdrawal from the bank and now you got the sickle to put into play. This card has combo written all over it. You have to be afraid your opponent will discard it, but if you're draco malfoy slytherin and this card is in play, that means you could have 5 actions the next turn, whoa thats got scary damage potential written all over it, if one was so inclined i'm sure they could spend one turn playing moonseed, another turn playing diagon alley, another turn playing, draco's trick, and then another turn playing spiral dive, I think I smell combo potential. Now go make a combo deck with this.

Rating: 3.9


If you fold your Sickle and stick it in your pocket, you've just doubled your money! Well.. not really. The hard part might be actually folding the Sickle, but you get the idea. ;')

Spend 1 action this turn and get 2 extra actions next turn. Talk about an investment! It's cost might be a tad high at 7C, but by the time you get there, you're ready to use the extra actions on good combos to win you the game. Spiral decks have improved greatly with the addition of this card to let them do all they need to do within one turn, so they don't have to worry about McGonagall destroying Diagon Alley. And the power needed to play Draco's Trick is 7T so you're already at the level of power needed for this trick! I'm sure it also helps out any deck that could use a couple extra actions to get things done. ;')

Rating: 4.5


Now here my friends, we are talking serious cool type stuffage! 7 is not at all that hard to reach and this is an item so fits in well with Draco Slytherin. Heck. This card fits in with any deck! 4 actions on my turn?!!?!?!? crazyness! I mean like wow man! that is just too cool. And if your opponent lost notes it? well... they just wasted an action on something you were going to lose next turn anyways! Yes folx, Fouled! will be a little more limited in days to come. mark my words!

Rating: 4.2


I haven't had the time to evaluate the full capabilities of this card but I can predict it will be used a lot! It transforms one action into 2 during your next turn which can be used for combos, just like the Knut. At an 7 power, it is easily attainable. Don't use it just to use it, have a plan, get some cards ready the turn you are going to play it. It is a very good card if used wisely.

Rating: 3.7

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