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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Knut - Adventures at Hogwarts

Power Needed: 1 Charms
Card Type: Item - Money
Effect: You can play only 1 Money card each turn. Before your turn, if this card is in play, discard it and you get 1 more Action this turn.
Card No: 62
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.79 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This is the cheapie of the three new money cards. This common card provides one action for one lesson out, the uncommon Sickle gives you two actions for seven lessons, and the rare Galleon give you three actions for ten lessons in play. You can't play more than one money card in a turn, and they have to be used the turn after they are played. Money cards are meant to facilitate combos that require a lot of actions. They have the drawback of waving a red flag that you have your entire combo in hand. This gives your opponent a turn to hit you with discard or zap your money card on the table. Since Knut takes an action to draw and another to play, yet only provides one action in return, it actually causes you to lose an action overall. This won't matter to you if your combo wins you the game. However, Sickle doesn't give you an action deficit and is cheap enough to get into play without much trouble. Given that most worthwhile combos presently in the game need 7 lessons anyway, I suspect that most players will favor that card over this one.

Rating: 2


Now then, you people are probably screaming at my one and a half rating. But, hear my out. Knut gives you one extra action. It takes one action to play it. See what I mean? You gain NOTHING, except if you have a combo like Potions Exam/Obliviate/PCD. It also just takes up deck space, since you could replace it with a Unicorn, which provides a continous extra action! Also, you can only play one money card a =\ Sickle is MUCH better then this card, and Galleon just rocks!

Rating: 1.5


Ahhhh Knuts! Sing it Pink Floyd…"Money!" Well, let me see here. Does this card really have value to use an action to play it just to gain that action back on the next turn? I would say, "Yes, it does." This costs 1 Charms and the card type it will really benefit only cost 1 Quidditch. That's right, Matches! Just think of the early spell combos that you could use to win matches just by have one more action. The Hufflepuff match would be amazingly easy to solve now. Stream of Flames and Ouch! or Fouled! and Blue Wig for just and example. You Quidditch/Charms players who use Matches are really going to enjoy your new Unicorn replacing money! I realize the combos are endless, but this is just the KWIKSPELL course after all!

Rating: 3.5


Ahh the money card. I don't mean its like money I just mean money money money. Now when you're a rich famous author you got plenty of money so you don't worry about knuts, you worry about your sickle and galleons, but all you less fortunate souls aren't as wealthy as me. Now either way you look at it then, any bit of money is important especially if you're playing draco malfoy slytherin. You can play this card, get two actions, do whatever you want. Then next turn you can discard this card for 3 actions, play an item get an extra action, so in this case you'd get 4 total actions, thats enough to play two bulgeyes and deal 26 damage, Ouch! Your opponent won't know what hit them.

Rating: 3.25


A Knut saved is a Knut earned. Use an action last turn to play a Knut and get the action back on the next turn. Pretty cut and dry. Only costs 1 so you could play it first turn. I'd probably only use this card if I had some good three action combos that I could pull of early. Otherwise it's just saving an action from the last turn to be used next turn. If yo money stays on the table, that is. ;')

Rating: 2


Now here is one groovy type card. Really you should only use this with Draco Slytherin because otherwise you are trading an action this turn for an action next turn. BUT! if you have three card combos, do it to it! These new money cards are sure to put a spin on actions. For a while now, Actions have been fairly set at 2 in games. The cards that gave you extra actions were few and far between. But now we got some more cards to play with and actions are great! Once again i can not review this card fully as i haven't fully absorbed the set, but i'm sure it will make a difference!

Rating: 3.5


This card sends one of your actions from one turn to the other. You DON'T win any actions with this card so use it wisely. Only one situation should be present for you to use this card: an early 3 action combo. Hufflepuff Match with Fouled! and Ouch! or an early bad hand and you want to play and use Colour-Changing Ink and still have an action to use a card you drew... I'm sure you can think of much more!

Rating: 3.8

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