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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Liquorice Wand - Adventures at Hogwarts

Liquorice Wand
Power Needed: 1 Charms
Card Type: Spell - Candy
Effect: Do 2 damage to your opponent. Then draw a card. (Liquorice Wand isn't really a Wand.)
Card No: 63
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.41 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


During one turn, you get one draw and two actions. Since most cards in the game require one action to play, you should eventually see your hand size decreaseuntil you have to use actions to draw more cards. Cards that give you a built-in draw avoid this problem, allowing you to reserve your actions for development and putting out threats to your opponent. You do take a "virtual" point of damage for the bonus draw, but a moderate amount of that to avoid taking actions to draw is a good thing. So the underlying mechanic is OK. How about the card itself? The effect is to deal 2 points of damage to a player. I can visualize some people placing this card into a super fast deck that spews out cards right from the start. But I've yet to see any such deck win consistently. The problem is the effect just isn't significant enough. Playing with such "light-weight" effects tend to give your deck an early lead, which dissipates, getting you stomped on in the later stages of the game. Liquorice Wand sounds like something decent to snack on, but I wouldn't want to play with it.

Rating: 1.5


I like this do 2 damage, and get a free draw! But...only to your opponent. Heard of a card called Rope Bind? 2 damage to opponent/creature, and you get a free draw. But, this is a Candy Card, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing an Item or something that helps these kinds of cards coming along soon. Also, this card may have some play with beginners, but I would advise Rope Bind instead.

Rating: 3


Speed spell decks and Quidditch/Charms decks will like this card. it is a first play card. I realize 2 damage is not that much, but if you get to draw a card anyway, why not take a shot at discarding the one card they have that could heal them or ridding that character card that destroys your entire deck. The other great thing about this card's effect is it gives you a first-play look into what kind of deck you are up against. It may help you decide which lesson type you need to build faster or allow you to start thinking what strategy to use before they even get cards down.

Rating: 2.5


To me, the Liqourice Wand Appears as a cheaper Rope Bind. Although Rope Bind you get to hit a creature or your opponent, with this card you get to hit your opponent lower. Now I know two damage isn't that much damage, but you also get to draw, and sometimes getting to draw a card is a very important endeavor, its like you don't have anything to play so you're going to draw a card, so why not play this, do two damage and draw a card. Now I know this card is a little weak, but alot of week spells and some denial can stop your big lumbersome opponent before he's able to get out his heavy hitters so beware, damage is damage, even if you're doing it one damage point at a time.

Rating: 2.25


Liquorice Wand is not bad at all. 1 power for 2 damage AND you draw a card! This card packs a punch for it's cost, but it is not the most powerful of cards. Maybe in a quick damage deck, this could prove useful. Other than that, go for Bewitched Snowballs or Toe Biter! They are better an their names are more fun!

Rating: 2.7


Mmmmm licorice! This card has a very VERY good cost/effect ratio. For one power do 2 damage and draw a card! That's a 3 for 1! But tell me, why would anybody want to do so quick and little damage. It can also help your opponent to get the cards he needs for his discard pile. On a bigger basis, this card would be too good but what we have here it is reasonable and not enough to be commonly used. Blue Wig is bigger but you don't get as much for the cost you reach. It is still a better alternative...

Rating: 2.5

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