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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Candy Cart - Adventures at Hogwarts

Candy Cart

Card Type: Adventure
Effect: Play this card only if you have at least 3 Lessons in play.

Before each of your opponent's turns, he or she draws 3 cards and then chooses 3 cards in his or her hand and discards them.
To Solve: Your opponent takes 10 damage.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw a card.
To Win: Do this to win.
Prize: This is the winners prize.
Card No: 35
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.91 (based on 7reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If your opponent has cards in hand, the Candy Cart will actually improve their hand quality. The less cards they have, the less of a benefit they gain. If they have no cards in hand, this is equivalent to taking three damage per turn. That's not much fun, but neither is the cost of solving it. The reward is rather minimal too. Overall, this is a nice adventure that should see play in aggressive decks that try to load up on damage causing cards. If they solve it right away, they are taking 13 damage for 3 actions, which isn't a bad ratio. This is one little dessert tray that your opponent will get some indigestion from eating.

Rating: 3.5


This is my favourite adventure. Why? I play a hand destruction deck. They get to draw 3 cards free...but they have to discard 3 also. :P And, to solve, they have to take 10 damage! 1/6th of there deck! Get 2/3 of these in play, and you have a good shot at winning! Also, with the drawing of 3, that is also killing them. Its like having a Cunning Fox in play with a crazy effect. =o I really like this card, and it is perfect for disaster decks!

Rating: 3.5


"Anything off the cart, dears?" All I can say is, "I'll take the LOT!" this is a two action 13 damage adventure. Can we all say, 'Bulgeye Potion' without the 10 power? I mean my goodness, is this thing for real? Sure it has a first turn out downfall. They may actually get better cards in their hand and get the bad ones out, but I mean to tell you damage is damage. There is no way you can let this go too long without solving it. I can't think of a deck you wouldn't want to add this in. I don't even look forward to facing it at this point. Regardless of your deck, this is big. BTW, I do like to give combo ideas, and with this you should take a look at using Draco Malfoy from the Base Set along with transfiguartion denial cards and cards that remove cards from your opponent's hand.

Rating: 4


Hello boys and girls, its time to take our first look at the new set, Adventures at Hogwarts. Now as you all know, yours truly the great Professor Lockhart has travelled to many locations, sampled many cuisines, and lived the high life, unlike any of you, I'm sure. But nothing wets my taste buds, like a tasty treat. And there is no better place to find that treat then off the candy cart. So todays card, candy cart provides a unique prospect. This card at first glance seems to benefit your opponent more then you. Your opponent is essentially doing three damage, but they get to decide what damage they want to do. However, there are very sneaky ways around this. If one would be so inclined to find cards that would make your opponent discards cards they draw, well that would seriously hurt cause then it would be 3 damage then 3 cards from their hand. Plus this would cause your opponent to be like ouch, I better solve this. Then the when they go to do that, they take 10 damage. Also ridding your opponent of cards in
their hand will force them to discard all three of these cards. So do not be fulled by this cards uncommon place...It could be combo-fied, to be very lethal.

Rating: 3.5


With this you give your opponent 3 cards off his deck and then he has to take 3 from his hand and discard them, all before his/her turn. So basically it goes into effect immediatly, not having to wait until the start of your turn like most Adventures. 3 damage every turn, no matter how you look at it, is a good thing. And since it really doesn't count as "damage," cards like Dungbomb can't prevent it. If your opponent starts his turn with 1 card, he's gona draw 3 cards, and discard three, which means he has to pick 1 good one, and loose the rest. If your opponent doesn't realize it soon enough, he might like being able to pick the good cards he wants, and forget that it is slowly depleting his deck. It really is like a "Candy Cart" getting him hooked by his sweet tooth. :D And then when he decides to solve, 10 damage! Oww! It takes alot to overcome a candy addiction. ;) And what is his reward for all that? ONE CARD! 1 measly little card. The only down side to this card is the fact you can't play it first turn. It can come out as early as turn 3 (or turn 2 if using F&G), but when it comes, it's worth it. This is one of my new favorite Adventures in the set. :)

Rating: 4.4


Candy Cart is BRUTAL!!!! To you and to your opponent. 3 Lessons to play means you probably won't be playing this until the 3rd turn unless you go with Fred and George. but it's TEN damage to solve and more than likely your opponent will not want to solve it. I think Adventures got SERIOUSLY revamped in this set. Maybe Wizards realized that everyone is playing with McGonnagall in their deck. Now... your opponent draws 3 cards before they draw their first card and discards 3 cards. There are so many combos with this card! You could go Hand denial and try to force your opponent to discard almost every card he or she draws. Or just do lots of damage and Candy Cart equals 3 damage every turn. PLUS! remember that card.... Snuffling Potion? OK... just think of it... they draw four cards... discard those 4 that they just drew and THEN they discard 3 more cards! can you spell Pork Roast? I think i am ready for Dinner.

Rating: 5


This card is wonderful if you manage to control it! Your opponent gets a major hand advantage by choosing the cards he wants but looses 3 cards at the beginning of each turn. This card fits very well in a quick damage deck with action restriction and hand control.... mmm, eat a hand full'o'cards! It is NOT the kind of card that would fit any deck! You HAVE to stay on top of things. If you like this card but can't manage to fit into an already built deck, I would suggest using Letters From No One since it doesn't need much assistance. For its unversatility(if it is a word), I give this card a...

Rating: 3.5

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