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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Boil Cure - Base

Boil Cure
Power Needed: 1 Potions
Card Type: Spell/Healing
Effect: Put up to 4 non-Healing cards from your discard pile on the bottom of your deck (in any order).
Card No: 77
Rarity: Common
Set: Base
Average Rating: 2.00 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


First, I'd like to start by whining that those faceless bureaucrats have come up with a pretty dumb set of cards to review this week. Spells that only need one lesson to cast? They're all cheap because they're all crap! You shouldn't be casting spells on the first turn of the game, you should be playing lessons. Asking us to review these cards is like asking a gourmet cook to judge the best bowl of Fruit Loops. I'm inclined to find those faceless bureaucrats and give them a well deserved noogie. Sorry. But I had to get that off my chest. Let's get on to the review. OK, Boil Cure is like a weak Bruisewort Balm, without the shuffle. Not having that shuffle is bad because the main point of early healing is to improve later draw quality. If the cards you select are going to the bottom of your deck, you aren't going to be drawing them any time soon. I suppose if your deck is almost out of cards you could use this to rig the draw to be in a specific order. I can't think of a good reason to do that, however. This card seems best suited to use with a clothespin on your bicycle tire to make that neat thwacking sound when you pedal.

Rating: 1


Considering that there are many cards including location cards that allow you to shuffle your deck, this card isn't as bad as it used to be. It requires no discarding and is a nice addition if you started Snape and never used another potion lesson. It could be a nice back up to Bruiswort Balm. Play Boil Cure first and then Briuswort. This will heal 9 cards on 2 actions and get you a deck shuffle. Anytime a card tells you to search your deck, you will have to shuffle. Even if you don't use the full effect of that same card (like a spell that says you MAY take an item from your deck) you still get to shuffle and discard that card. So it will get those pesky good cards off the bottom of your deck for you. BTW, Cauldron Shop is one of the location cards that will let you shuffle for one action even if you do not have or do not get a potion item from your deck. Sometimes that last look at what is in your deck can help you make a decision whether to draw a card on your next turn or play one from your hand. I like the fact that Boil Cure is a 1 power card, for a last second help when you are playing a Potion Class Disaster Deck.

Rating: 2


Alright first years, It's time for your first lessons and today, will be Boil Cure. We all know, your best friend and mine, Severus Snape will tell you that you need Snake Fangs and Porcupine Quills to make the Boil Cure, but there is even something more important you need to know, healing without a discard. This is another one of those great healing cards that doesn't require a discarded lesson, so it makes it ideal for your Snape Deck. You can include 4 Bruisewort Balm, 4 Boil Cure, Start Snape, and all of a sudden you have a total of 43 Healing Potential. I'm not an expert, but that healing can come in awfully handy in a close match. I would definitely recommend the Boil Cure, for any Snape Deck.

Rating: 4


Boil Cure used to be one of two Healing Cards that did not require you to lose a lesson. Four cards to the bottom of the deck can help out, but for only two more power, you can use Bruisewort Balm which heals 5 shuffled into your deck. Shuffling into the deck is of course better in almost every deck as you are more likely to draw the card you healed. At three power, you also have Pomphrey's Pick-Me-UP which heals three to the bottom of your deck and lets you draw a card. Personally, I think both of these are better than Boil Cure. But if for some reason you decide that Boil Cure is the right card for your deck and decide to play with it, I suggest having a way to shuffle your deck in mind such as Severus Snape or Gringott's Vault Key or even Nearly Headless Nick as eventually you will want to see those cards again. Now possibly.... and i don't suggest this strategy, but if you want to stock up all your heavy hitters down at the bottom of your deck and wait until the late game to start using them again all in a row.... well.... for that, Boil Cure would work. In all other cases, i say go for Bruisewort or Pomphrey.

Rating: 2


Why settle for four cards on the bottom of your deck when you can shuffle 5 in your deck right away! Yes, I am comparing the card to Bruisewort Balm. The only advantage Boil Cure has over the low costing Balm is that it can be played on turn one. But tell me, why would you want to heal on your first turn? Will there be cards in your discard pile? No! the are much more healing cards with low cost to be considered. Heck! Why not use Pomfrey's Pick Me Up instead of this one. Just use something else!

Rating: 1

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