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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Hospital Dormitory - Adventures at Hogwarts

Hospital Dormitory
Power Needed: 7 Potions
Card Type: Location
Ability: When you play this card, discard any other Location from play (yours or your opponent's). Each turn, each player may prevent 4 damage done to him or her. (The damage may be prevented from one or more cards.)
Card No: 14
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.0125 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


The key to using locations is to break their symmetry. That is, to minimize the benefit that they endow on your opponent. In this case, the obvious way to do that is to insert this card into a deck design that tries to win via virtual damage. That is, cards like Charms Exam and Griphook. This is because forced draws are not damage, and thus cannot be prevented by the Hospital Dormitory. A hidden plus to this card is that with a 7 lesson requirement to get out, it's not too hard to get into play, yet most likely comes after your opponent has put down their own cheaper location. So if your opponent is playing with locations, there is a high chance you've just forced him to discard it. This card combos in a cute way with Sloth Grip. However, I doubt that little trick is strong enough to build a deck around. I have not seen any rulings on whether or not this card is cooperative in damage prevention with Neville. I am basing my rating on assuming that it doesn't. If it does, this card could be quite dangerous. For now, it's only a...

Rating: 3


This card has many applications that I do not feel have been explored yet. There are essentially two ways to look at this card. It allows each player to prevent four damage a turn. Now either you're not going to be doing "damage" to win, or you expect yourself to be doing a huge amount of damage each turn that this four damage protector will only help you get going. The most obvious one and the one I think has the best chance of winning is essential a denial deck. Making your opponent drawing cards, discarding cards from their, our little friendly goblin comes to mind. None of that kind of "damage" is preventable. Which in essence is very good for you. You're opponents creatures bothering you? Lay a transfiguration test down and most likely there left ever lone creature won't be doing any damage to you. Right now most people are playing charms/comc/trans, but do not be afraid to try new deck combinations. There are other decks out there waiting to be discovered and this card does in fact have good potential to be included in those decks.

Rating: 3.25


First thing you might notice is this place ain't Unique, meaning you could replace your opponent's Dormitory with your own. Not always a big deal, but could be handy if you wanted to keep this card in play while letting your opponent discard his cards that you PON. It basically helps stall the game out, since both players would have to be doing 5+ damage a turn just to get 1+ damage in. Since things might be going slow, consider playing cards that encourage your opponent to draw cards. LFNO and Photo Album are good at doing this. Then you could play something like Charms Exam, Griphook, or Peeves. Griphook would be best if they have a high hand, or you could Peeves if you need more good cards and your opponent might be losing something good too. Charms Exam is iffy as always.. if they catch on that your goal is to deck them by card drawing, they might not draw any cards at all, but atleast they'd lose their hand. To make up for his high cost, you could stall with Malkin's Robes or Sloth Grip.

Rating: 4


This card really confuses me. Potions is all about heavy damage at a cost generally. It's biggest threat is Creatures of course because the Creature Control in Potions is only a notch lower than that of Quidditch which doesn't have any. I guess this would help in your defense against creatures, but it would also help your opponent reduce your big bangs. But keep in mind Potions also has Dungbomb and Shrinking Potion and other negative spells. I could see this is a control deck with multiple locations I suppose. You go with Potions Dormitory until you have hurt your opponent enough and then switch over to another location to unleash the damage. Idunno though.... Just doesn't seem like the best of strategies.
If you can think of a use for this thing, email me! I'm curious!

Rating: 1.8

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