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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Bludger Bop - Adventures at Hogwarts

Bludger Bop
Power Needed: 6 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Your opponent chooses 1 of his or her cards in play (other than his or her starting Character) and discards it. Then, if he or she has any cards in his or her hand, he or she chooses 1 of them and discards it.
Card No: 34
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 2.78 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Hey! This card doesn't cause any damage! How am I supposed to get full value from my Nimbus 2000, if it doesn't deal at least one point? It's just not right, I tell you. Quidditch should be all about damage and a neat effect added on to boot. Instead, this card gives you two neat effects, but no damage. It's unfortunate that your opponent gets to choose which cards to discard, but when you figure that this card costs you two actions to play and draw, and removes three actions worth of cards from your opponent, then you'll see that this is a good deal. The casting cost isn't all that bad either. If you combine this with other similar spells (Cobbing, Lost Notes, Picking on Neville), your match partner will find themselves faced with some difficult choices. I prefer Cobbing over this, but the Bop is a decent supplement to any deck that already relies on Cobbing.

Rating: 2.5


Could the title of this song be the next new dance craze? Maybe not, but it is a Transfiguration card in the Quidditch realm. Now that is impressive. As per our PoJo Harry Potter Poll, we know the Quidditch is the favorite lesson type among players. Now, they are adding this to the works…the other lesson types are never going to stand a chance are they? I like that this is a denial card that effects both places at once…. first the table play and then the hand. SO what combo am I thinking of? It depends on the cards they discard first. I like this card played first and wherever they discard and make them selves slightly vulnerable you can follow up with either Cobbing or Bludger in the Stands. Either way it is getting rid of two cards on one turn. I even like this better than the Biased Commentary followed by one of those 2. The reason is simple, 2 cards discarded from in play can damage most hands enough to make them have to play catch up the rest of the game. Then the rest of the game you do the old denial then damage routine. It will take them 2 turns to get back to full strength again. This is of course pending on whether they have enough cards in their hand to catch up and whether or not they have used up Characters in play. Regardless, I think it is a nice addition to the Quiddich Spell repertoire.

Rating: 3


Oh how fabulous, its quidditch week, I am so excited. Being an expert quidditch player in my youth, scratch that, I'm still young and good looking. So anyways, lets look at Bludger Bop, we're talking 6 quidditch power, and you get the effects of two cards Ouch! and Cobbing! witout the damage though. That doesn't sound very good at all. Personally I would play a Cobbing way before this card. Now the reason this card could be good is that you get to discard one of your opponents cards from play, you get this from a non-transfiguration lesson type which is always nice. The bad news is that your opponent gets to pick. I really don't recomment this card unless you have to denial scheme, I mean this could really work well with other denial cards if you're trying to get cards out from play, maybe you could play hut on the rock, and then the next turn a bludger bop and a cobbing, thats three cards they just lost from play, and your only at 7 power. Sounds kinda nice to me. As always, every card has a strategy, you just need to try and exploit it.

Rating: 3


This card fits in great with those straight denial decks. However if denying your opponent's cards is not your main goal, there are a lot of better options for quidditch at six and below. Bludger in the Stands, Ouch!, Fouled!, Quick Thinking, Pulling Up, and just at seven is Cobbing and Bucking Broomstick. Let's just put it this way.... There are sooooooo many other good options that do damage at this level of power that fitting it in is almost a chore. And Quid/Charms is at an all time high-flying popularity, so those high costing spells are played also. But, if you just stick to denial by sliding in some charms, this card can be a plague to your opponent. Oh and if Wizards is watching this, howabout some better names for these cards, yo!?!!? heh just kiddin...

Rating: 2.6

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