Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Welsh Green Dragon - Adventures at Hogwarts

Welsh Green Dragon
Power Needed: 7 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Dragon
Ability: To play this card, discard 2 of your CoMC Lessons from play. When you play this card, do 6 damage to your opponent.
Damage each turn: 6
Health: 4
Card No: 30
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.18 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


My animosity for creatures that have lesson discard is well known. Any spell that dimisses this guy will effectively gain a three-for-one card advantage against you. This is why I've rarely played with the one copy of Norbert I own. I'm too afraid of my opponent streaming it on their turn, leaving me to look stupid. This card is more similar to Norbert than anything else, but is not nearly as contemptible. For one thing, Welsh Green Dragon has a four health, instead of just three. This seems like a minute difference, but it is actually quite significant, as there are few spells commonly played that deal out that much damage. Additionally, this dragon gets one "free" attack when he comes in to play, so even if your opponent knocks him out right away, he still gets to draw some blood. Use Steelclaws with this dude, and soon you'll start to smile. Given that a two lesson discard is a serious hindrance to development, Welshie only makes sense as an upper end "enforcer". For example, my younger son's creature deck topped out at 6 lessons needed for any one card. It contained one copy of River Troll, which was an awkward fit. So I replaced it with this to give the deck a stronger finishing blow. After my son came in second in a tourney with it after this adjustment, I asked him what he thought of the dragon in the deck. "OK", he said. Now that's a quality endorsement, if I ever heard one!

Rating: 3


I have been referring to breeds of creatures all week and this is another new one. Initial damage with reoccurring damage potential is this breeds claim to fame. And this is the Big Daddy of these. Yea, you do have to discard 2 CoMC, but you do get that back in damage regardless if it lasts beyond the initial play or not. I will admit 6 damage and 4 health is respectful. I must say this a tempting choice of the biggies, but I think you will find some other alternatives instead.

Rating: 3


The Welsh Green Dragon backs quite the punch, 6 damage when it comes into play and it does 6 damage a turn, and its 4 health makes it tough for a stream of flames to take it out, but that 2 CMC discard is a killer. I don't know very many times you want to build your self up to 7 power and then drop backdown to 5. Now the 6 punch at the beginning makes it worth the risk, but image your opponent playing an incarcifors and a lost notes the next turn. Uh-oh, just when the game was going your way, its suddenly not going your way. To me this card just seems like a risk, why not build up to 8 power and play a Mountain Troll and Hebridean Black Dragon, if you do that, I think you'll find the results much more pleasing. Trust me on this one. Good Luck getting it to work either way, but I think there are better options then this card.

Rating: 3


Definalty don't take too many of these guys with out stoping by Hagrid's House. Sure, it's got the first strike ability like Fang, but two lessons? Ow. And it doesn't even do as much damage as HBD for just 1 lesson. HBD drops your power level to 7 after you play it; this guy drops your power to 5 after you play it. You'll just spend more time on your next turns building it back up so you can play another big creature.

Rating: 2.5


Supercalafragalisticexpeallawelshgreendragon!!!!!! Six points right off the top and he has a nice health. This is the kind of card that your opponent worries about. And if you go with Hagrid's House, the two lesson loss is not such a bad thing. I'd prolly recommend a lot of early hitters in the 4-6 slots and then Welsh Green as your heavy hitter at 7. This way, when you lose the two lessons, it's not a big deal.

Rating: 4.4