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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Meeting Fluffy - Adventures at Hogwarts

Meeting Fluffy
Card Type: Adventure
Play this card only if you have at least 9 Lessons in play.
Effect: Before each of your turns, your opponent takes 12 damage.
To Solve: Your opponent lets you choose 3 of his or her cards in play (other than his or her starting Character) and discard them.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent gets 1 more Action the turn he or she solves this Adventure.
Card No: 17
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.50 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Nobody is going to just sit there and take 12 a turn. This will almost always be solved right away. So, if it takes 1 action to draw this and 2 to play it, and it makes your opponent discard three cards from play (at least 6 actions) but rewards them with an action, the overall result is 2 actions in your favor. That is not bad. It's even better when you note that *you* are the one who chooses which three cards of theirs to discard. Wow. So what's the fly in the ointment? It's that 9 lesson requirement to play this, that's what. Wand Shop won't help here, nor will Brooms, Books, Snape, etc. It has to be just lessons. Perhaps this is best used with Hermione as your starter, backed up by Start of Term Feast? You could go heavy into lesson denial to keep opposing cards off the table. Once your opponent is cleared of cards in play, then Meeting Fluffy is going to bite them for 12 damage. Another possibility is to start with Fred and George Weasley and disrupt your opponent with Adventures. End of Term Feast can help you reload, and cards like Strategy Session can help you build up the lessons. All in all, this card is a difficult card to work into a design. But it can be done, and I think it might be worth it.

Rating: 3.5


Could this be a strong Adventure? Sure. But by the time you find a way to get out 9 lessons and then put this out, your opponent should be able to handle it. The way to use this card in a strong way is to play denial decks so that your opponent can't get rid of this card when you do finally get it out. Now, that you have this card out and you have been using denial to keep them from removing it, it will do some damage. They will have to have 3 cards in play in order to solve this adventure and if they do that, it will hurt them to let those 3 cards go (that you get to pick, by the way). I personally don't see this card being used much and even though it is powerful, I feel it is asking too much for 9 lesson cards to be in play to use it. BTW, if you do want to see this used, think Hermione Granger as your starter and play with 28 to 30 lessons.

Rating: 2.5


I personally would never want to Meet Fluffy, but I can assure you that if your opponent meets Fluffy, he'll be none too pleased. For one less power, you get the effect of Fluffy, and this card is definitely better then Fluffy, why do you ask, well for a variety of reasons, and its this, a simple incarcifors or lapifors, makes Fluffy hit the discard pile faster then you can say, oh yes i got Fluffy out. Now solving this card is more difficult in that you get to discard three of your opponents cards in play, or they'll take 12 damage, well that sounds good to me. Who cares that they get another action, if you're playing potion class disaster, and your opponent doesn't have 3 cards in play, I guess they're going to have to take that damage until they get those cards out there. In essence, that would be game over, cause your potions exams would just keep wiping the table. Good Luck with this one.

Rating: 4


Wh0a! I can't believe they were actually GIVING this card away! What are they gona give us next? A Dragon Egg or something? ;')
    The only bad this about this Adventure is the fact you can't play it in the early game. It gets better if you can keep the number of cards on your opponent's side of the board to a minimum. Like maybe play a Hut on the Rock before you play this so they lose a card from play and then they lose their hand, and then you can PON, Diffindo, Scribbiforize the rest of the board away and put down this big puppy. It's as if you had the real Fluffy in play. You won't have to worry about them getting the reward if you can keep cards off their side. As soon as they get a chance to solve it, they will, unless they are crazy or something. ;')

Rating: 4

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