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Ravenclaw Match - Quidditch Cup

Ravenclaw Match
Power Needed: 1 Quidditch
Card Type: Match
To Win: Do 10 damage to your opponent while this card is in play. (That damage doesn't have to be done all at once.)
Prize: The winner searches his or her deck. He or she may take up to 2 Lesson cards from his or her deck and put them into play. Then that player shuffles his or her deck.
Card No: 23
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 2.13 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


The damage needed to win this match in one action is a major struggle to accomplish for a mid-level (5-8 lessons) Quidditch spell. Given that the reward is developmental in nature, and you're already well advanced in that regard, you have to wonder why you'd bother. It seems more likely that this card was meant to be used with Fouled, at earlier stages of the game. By reducing your opponent to just one action on their turn, you minimize the chance they can win the match on that turn, and the four damage dealt by Fouled makes the remaining six damage needed to win this match on your next turn a near certainty. And for your efforts, you get an immediate developmental boost as well. This sounds great, if it works. I worry about any early game strategy that relies on having two specific cards in hand at the same time. Another option is to use this card along with one of the big green damage spells: Dragon Poison, Malevolent Mixture, etc. The lesson replacement of the Ravenclaw Match then serves to balance the lesson discard effect of those types of spells.

Rating: 2


Erm, not really a good card...10 damage is ok, but play 2 lessons? You could have 4 more lessons in your deck instead of this card...:/ In some decks that don't use a lot of lessons, this card is ok, but it also kills your deck while doing it...

Rating: 2


Well doesn't this card just have unlimited combo potential written all over it. Play this card then play Mid-air Collision and you get two extra lessons in play. Then you can play some more Mid-air Collisions, sounds like a deal to me. However, this card is really only good for lesson advancement. If the game is early and you feel you can hit quick then this card might be for you, but be weary of adding the other persons lesson development. All in all the reward isn't that great where you'd need to include this card, but it does have combo potential if you know how to use it.

Rating: 2.5


Better ways of finding lessons there are. If you're playing this as something that with subtly reduces your opponent's deck size, just stick with damage. It says the winner MUST look thru their deck, but they don't have to take any cards out of it, but either way it gets shuffled, so they only know what they have in the deck, not nessisarily what is coming up next. Ten damage might could be done in one turn, but more often it'll take two.

Rating: 2