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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Dogbreath Potion - Base Set

Dogbreath Potion
Power Needed: 6 Potions
Card Type: Spell
Effect: To play this card, discard 1 of your Potions Lessons from play. Do 8 damage to your opponent or to a Creature of your choice.
Card No: 49
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 3.73 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If you have a means of returning the discarded lesson to your hand (Potions Dungeon), then this card effectively represents a pair of four damage spells without drawbacks. That's somewhat mediocre. This card is perfect for snuffing out large creatures that come into play with a built-in lesson discard. That's hard to count on in a game, however. My favorite use, by far, is as a game-ending finisher. Used in conjunction with Malevolent Mixture or Draught of Living Death, you can smack your opponent for 20+ points of damage in just a single turn. That's quite a blow at the late stages of a game.

Rating: 2.5


For 6P, you do 8 damage for one of your Potions lessons. Play this, then Malevolent Mixture, and you've got 18 damage =o In the Potion Heavy Hitting decks, this is a great card, and can eliminate any threatening creatures, also. I've always liked this card because it's easily accessible, and 8 damage is great only costing you 1 lesson. =D

Rating: 3.3


Probably the best potions damage spell ever. Eight damage is awesome with only having to have 6 power out and a potions lesson to sacrifice. A great finishing card that can double as a creature eliminator that will rid you of those pesky dragons. Great card though a bit under used.

Rating: 4


This is one of the best discarding potions there is. You only have to discard one potion lesson and you get 8 damage. Does it get any better then that, well yeah of course it does, you gotta discard, but when you have to discard, it doesn't! Most people shy away from potions cause of the lesson unstability it creates during the game, but if you can create a working potion deck, the possibilities of extensive damage are endless and this is one of those heavy hitters that can cause havoc. I would suggest playing it, but you can find out for yourself if you should or shouldn't.

Rating: 3.6


Potion discarding hasn't been such a bad thing as it used to be before Potion Dungeons was around. But since discarding is usually worse than returning to your hand, cards that originally make you discard a card have a stronger effect than the newer ones that have it returned to your hand instead. This is still a great card and has been since the beginning, and probably for many years to come.

Rating: 4


No matter how many new Potion damage cards they make, i still find myself sticking with Dogbreath Potion and Malevolent Mixture. Note to players: Unless your faced with something that is killing you, don't kill a critter with this. This 8 damage should hurt your opponent and killing a critter is just making it easy on them. I love this card with Quidditch Decks because it solves my favorite Match, Hufflepuff Match. Hufflepuff, then Dogbreath hurts them for 13 damage and you get a nice draw if you want it. Plus it's cheap! 6 power in the grand scheme of things isn't all that expensive. You do lose a lesson for it, but this card is worth it. Hmmmm.... nope, can't think of a bad thing to say about Dogbreath. So i guess it gets a...

Rating: 5

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