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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Black Bat - Adventures at Hogwarts

Black Bat
Power Needed: 4 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Bat
Ability: When you play this card, do 2 damage to your opponent.
Damage each turn: 2
Health: 1
Card No: 53
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 4.53 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This is a highly aggressive card. For only four lessons, you get a creature that delivers two points of damage per turn, and you get to zap your opponent for two more right away. The one health means he's not likely to live long, but that's a minor flaw. This is a good card to bounce back into your hand, if you can do it with something like Family Ghoul. Putting four of these into a fast creature deck should be virtually automatic.

Rating: 5


For 4CoMC, you do 2 damage right away. Then, if it is not dealt with, it does 2 more damage each turn. The 2 health isn't that good though, Doxy kills it. But, this is a 2nd turn creature, and can get you off on a quick start. =D

Rating: 3.5


One of the best Creatures ever doing 2 guaranteed damage is nothing to sneeze at. In a word. Dang!

Rating: 5


Black Bats are great! They are cheap, they do 2 damage when played and they continue to do 2 damage each turn they are in play. They are easy to kill but I mean, who cares? When it comes to cheap creatures this card should be included in most creature decks. Of course thats just my opinion, not that you should listen to me, I mean what do I know about creatures, unless you read all my books, then you'll see that I know ALOT more then you. So put those bats in there now!

Rating: 4


The two intial damage it does for being played is as almost if it was in play the turn before and damaged your opponent normally. And that's exactly what most likely would happen with a creature like this. One health is low, but it's also in the grey area that makes your opponent decide weither to overkill it, or just let the little bugger peck away at him. So if your opponent never decides to vanquish it, he'll be pecked to death. And if he does get rid of it, that's one less creature removal tool that you have to worry about killing your other bigger creatures.

The decoy.

Rating: 5


This card has transformed Creature Decks. What is the biggest problem with Creatures? They don't do damage until your NEXT turn. But a Black Bat does 2 when it comes into play. OH! Just in case yer curious, the Bat itself is doing damage, not the player. OK, that aside, this card makes Creature Decks that much faster and meaner and you will find very few COMC Decks nowadays that don't have at least a couple of these. A creature that does more damage is better in the long run, but Bats hurt right away and thus can win you the game. Plus, he's just as cheap as a Boa Constrictor. A measley 4 power which makes these guys a second turn play. So more than likely they are going to do at least 4 damage and your opponent is going to spend an action killing it. Definitely worth it! Sure they are easy to kill, but thats why they are the front line creatures. Let your opponent kill your Bats and then bring out your baddies and hope they don't have any more removal. In short, these things rock!!

Rating: 4.7

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