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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Dragon-Hide Gloves - Diagon Alley

Dragon-Hide Gloves
Power Needed: 8 CoMC
Card Type: Item
Ability: Whenever a creature does damage to you, prevent 1 of that damage.
Card No: 0
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 1.96 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I've tried to work this into various Draco Slytherin deck designs without great success. I've also tried it in Sprout decks with a similar lackluster result. The problem is that at 8 lessons to play, it takes a very long time to get out. By that time, you've likely been pummelled by your opponent's small creature swarm already. If they are instead using large creatures, then the single point reduction in damage per creature isn't likely to be noticed much. After all, dragons hit for six or seven each. And if your opponent has no creatures at all, then this is a dead card. Unless you have Arthur Weasley out. Hey! There's an idea...

Rating: 2.5


In Fluffy decks, this card is cool. Get two of them out, and you can prevent a Marble Gargoyle, Doxy, or Black Bat from doing ANY damage to you! It also makes Hagrid less of a threat...=o If they have 5 creatures out and you have 2 of these out, you're saving yourself 10 damage a turn, which is always good =) But, 8CoMC is hard to reach nowadays with Trans...

Rating: 2


Good idea just way to expensive and for the wrong lesson type. COMC doesn’t need the damage prevention and eight lessons is a lot to have for such a weak ability. Would be much better as a Transfiguration card IMO.

Rating: 1


The Gloves are a nifty idea. To prevent one creature damage from each creature, this would work well against those annoying decks that get tons of creatures out, you lower every creatures hitting potential. But this card is just too expensive to be useful. If it was around 5 or 6, I could see this card in a lot more decks but getting to 8 power in CMC, will open up some hard hitting creatures that could do some damage instead of preventing damage. This card was a good idea, just not made to be that practical.

Rating: 2.3


This card is not to be underestimated. Yes, it only effects Creature Decks, but it hits them hard. Especially since it isn't Unique. It won't effect the bigger Creatures so much, but Black Bats and the like all of a sudden just don't seem worth it. Two of these in play and you have stifled almost all of the popular creatures in the game. This may not be your best option for Creature control over all, but it fits in nicely with Draco Sly Item Decks if yer playing creatures. Thats one of the bad things is that it costs Care of Magical Creatures. Or maybe thats a good thing? Its bad because usually the Decks that want to control Creatures the most are the ones without any COMC in them. But its good because it gives COMC a solid defense against other critters. Something it has in short supply. It is fairly expensive, so keep in mind that if you are going straight critters or maybe COMC/Quid that you won't get this out for a while. Overall i think it is a fairly decent card, but definitely not the best option out there.

Rating: 2

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