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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

No Hands - Chamber of Secrets

No Hands
Power Needed: 3 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Play this card only if there is a Match in play. Discard the top card of your deck. If that card is a Lesson card, you win the current Match (you get the prize). Otherwise, you take 3 damage.
Card No: 39
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 1.57 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


It's a Catch the Snitch that sometimes backfires. Yeah, you can play some other card to reorder the top of your library to make sure that the next card is a lesson. But that's just more effort , and you take a point of virtual damage even if it does work. You'll regret using this card as soon as you get into a position where you need to win a match right away, and all you have is this card, with no way of manipulating your deck. So you play it and hope, and your risk is punished with three more damage, and then your opponent wins the match on their turn. I might regard No Hands more highly if Catch the Snitch didn't exist. But it does.

Rating: 1.5


Either you win the match for 1 damage, or nothing and you lose 4 damage altogether. It's like Pokemon with a coin flip. But, if you win the match and it's Slytherin Match/Three Month Match...=o But, if you screw up, you've lost one of your non-lesson cards and 3 others. A very risky card that isn't worth playing. Catch the Snitch is much better ;)

Rating: 2


This card is a risk taking 3 damage ladies and gentlemen is bad and with Catch the Snitch only costing four more power it makes this card pale in compairison. Although it does allow for some wicked combos such as Start with Hooch 1st turn lesson and lesson 2nd turn 3 Month Match and No Hands to do 15 points of damage which isn’t to shabby but it wouldn’t happen very often.

Rating: 1.7


This card is like a 50 - 50 chance card, whether you like to take risks or just avoid them. The rarity of the card means its hard to find enough and another thing, why would you play this if you can have catch the snitch. The power difference is just 4. And add to the fact that you risk discarding 4 cards 1 if you are lucky. When in desperate move to heal with slytherin match, this might actually kill you instead. So do I reccomend it, well if you are a happy go luck dude the GO FOR IT! But for us other people NO WAY.

Rating: 1


This card basically translates into the gamblers version of catch the snitch. So lets see what the odds are here. Your deck should have at least 20 lessons in it. But for easy mathematical sake, lets say it has 20, and your deck has 60 cards, so you'll normally have a 33% chance of drawing a lesson card. So if you play this card 3 times, you'll win the match once, where as, 7 power shouldn't be that hard to obtain, and if you do obtain it, you win the match every time. I could see the use for this card if you have alot of lessons, but if you have alot of lessons, then you should also be playing at a higher power level. Oh the sweet irony. If you like to take chances, then go for it.

Rating: 2


This is the new version of Catch the Snitch. If all goes well, you lose a lesson card and win the match. But if it doesn't, you lose a non-lesson card (which should be punishment enough) AND you take 3 damage. It can be played earlier than CtS, but the risk definatly isn't worth being impatient. As long as Catch the Snitch is around, players will have no use for this card, but maybe collecters would seek it for it's rarity. ;')

Rating: 1


Definitely a gamble unless you know what your top card is. If you play a lot of those revealing cards, this one might be just as good as Catch the Snitch. Unfortunately you would have to devote a good deal of your strategy to simply getting this combo off. And a game is not won winning Quidditch Matches alone. However, if you just need to win the one match and your starter is Hooch, throw in a Cleansweep and win your match! Actually that's not too bad an idea. If you plan on just having a couple matches in your deck for Healing, but you don't get up to 7, this would be an easy way to win that match. OR if you have a lot of matches and this is just one of your many ways to win. I kinda like the idea, but it's only good once unless you get lucky.

Rating: 1.8

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