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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

The Leaky Cauldron - Diagon Alley

The Leaky Cauldron
Power Needed: 2 Potions
Card Type: Location - Unique
Ability: When you play this card, discard any other location from play (yours or your opponent's). Whenever either player plays a character card, he or she uses up 1 action to play it instead of 2.
Card No: 27
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 2.27 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This location has the same effect as having Ron Weasley in play. Since the playing of a location by your opponent knocks out your own location in play, you'd have to say that The Leaky Cauldron looks slightly more fragile than its character counterpart. Ron requires two actions to put out, but isn't restricted to being played only after you have two lessons on the table, one of which must be a potions lesson. However, the really big difference is that by making Ron your starter, your opponent can't stop his effect, allowing you to fill your deck with a large assortment of characters that can be put into play cheaply. If you use The Leaky Cauldron, you are taking a risk - you might have characters you want to play in hand, but no location out to help them get onto the table. Personally, I only favor the Cauldron in cases where Ron Weasley wouldn't have been your stater. Perhaps you are playing a deck that runs many adventures and characters. You might want Ron the Brave in your deck in such a case, with a starter of Fred & George, or maybe even Molly Weasley. Alohomora could help you find your location to get it into play quickly. This isn't very strong as deck concepts go, but it should score you high points for originality, unless your peers find out you read about it here. But if you go this road, please don't make attributions to me. I don't think my reputation could take that big of a hit.

Rating: 1.5


This card is very good in Character decks. Instead of having Ron as your starter, you can get this out with Snape as your starter easily. But, Ron is MUCH better, since you may not get this card out quickly. It's ok, but there are better options.

Rating: 3


This card used to be good but now is terrible due to Lockhart's hair potion thingy that only costs one power and is an item and therefore harder to remove don't play this play the hair potion. Not only will you look prettier it works better!

Rating: 1.3


This is the hangout pub of the wizards and witches in Harry's world. Although it must be a nice place, I don't agree with the card. Even if it has the benefits of locations, it still isn't a good card. How many people play more than 2 characters at a time in a game? Well very few. Bear in mind that characters are unique* limits their chances of playability. So without further adue. I thereby do not recognise this card as worthy to be played in most decks.

Rating: 1 (P.S this is a very generous rating ;) )


The Ron you can play for lessons. I like this card because it's easier to find in booster packs than Ron is. It's easy to get up to 3 lessons. And if you want Ron the Brave as a starter, here is your character player! This is a pretty good card, so use it! I don't have much more to say about it. If you have Ron as a back up character, don't use him, unless you want him for Ginny's power, but she's not that good. Use this instead of Ron becuase it will save you an action. If you have Ron as a starter, then that's ok!

Rating: 4


If they hadn't made Lockhart's Hair Care Potion, this thing would be a lot more viable. Playing Characters for one action can have a huge influence on the game. And it's doubtful this will help your opponent too much since not too many people play with too many extra characters. But all of a sudden, Pomfrey's 12 Card heal is only one action, Griphook's death grasp is only one action, Arthur Weasley becomes a come into play and hurt you combo, etc. etc. It's hard to balance the number of characters in a deck though, so if you are playing with this, don't be surprised if your deck needs a lot of tweaking!

Rating: 2.8

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