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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Silver Cauldron - Base Set

Silver Cauldron
Power Needed: 8 Potions
Card Type: Item - Cauldron
Requirement: To play this card, discard 2 of your Potions Lessons from play.
Provides: 5 Potions
Card No: 65
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 2.06 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This cauldron is a lot like the gold one. However, since the lessons are discarded, then you were presumably not counting on reaching above the 11 lesson level that this card brings you to. There are some rather interesting cards at that level. However, many of the fun green ones also have built-in lesson discard. Since you just casually discarded two such lessons to get your cauldron out, you now have less of them available to fuel further shenanigans. No problem. When your opponent whacks your cauldron on their turn, you'll be down to just six lessons anyway. I know. I'm being a pessimist. Unless you want to become one too, I'd avoid using this outside of a Draco Slytherin deck.

Rating: 2


Gold Cauldron is much better. For 1 more lesson, you get the lessons returned to hand instead of discarded. But, with this one, you still get +3 Lesson. But, it is easily vulnerable to Transfiguration, and Dobbys Disappearance or Scribblifors will get VERY annoying against it.

Rating: 2


Silver, the most conductive metal on earth. Well at least I rememberd it well not sleeping in chemistry class does pay off after all ;). Well for a fast heating metal this card must dish out some major burns right? Damn straight. You need to discard 2 potions lesson to get 5 power. This may not seem nice but well, nothing in life comes cheap. Well this might be overcomed by potions dungeon. That is counted IF your opponent didn't zap it away. Its almost identical to Gold cauldron but you will reach to 11 count on inital play. Although you can combo it with other cauldrons (since you can have more than one cauldron in play) and a wand. This card is a card powerful in it's own right. With all the combos you can make after that. P.S be careful of lost notes and other cards which zap your items away. ;)

Rating: 3


This card is exactly like Gold Cauldron, except for one less power it gets discarded from play. I don't see why I used this card in my decks! *goes over to decks and removes all silver cauldrons* Anyway, this card isn't that good. You can easily play one more power and spare your lessons. If you have this card in your deck replace it with either Gold Cauldron, a lesson or another card that you really want in your deck. This card is not that good, unless you want a 3 power jump from 8 to 11. The only reason I see you playing this card is becuase you have Potions Dungeon and you want to play it one lesson sooner. But Potions Dungeon takes an action to play, so you're basically even with the Gold Cauldron if you count playing the extra lesson.

Rating: 2


Well if you don't have any Gold Cauldrons and still want that high end advancement.... i guess this is your best choice. This makes the 8-11 jump that will give you the ability to cost those 10 powered spells like Potions Exam. But i really strongly suggest against this card. Denial is in it's prime and if this thing gets discarded, not only have you lost 2 Potion Lessons, but the Cauldron as well. This is why i am so fond of Collapsible Cauldron. People tend not to want to discard it because it just goes back to your hand. And remember, these bigger cauldrons provide 5, but make you lose 2 lessons. that's only one better than the small cauldrons.

Rating: 1.3

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