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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Gold Cauldron - Quidditch Cup

Gold Cauldron
Power Needed: 9 Potions
Card Type: Item - Cauldron
Requirement: To play this card, return 2 of your Potions lessons from play to your hand.
Provides: 5 Potions
Card No: 7
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 2.68 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I actually considered this card for a deck once. I was trying out a really screwy idea. Use lots of cauldrons and potions lessons to quickly ramp up in learning and then put out a Philosopher's Stone. Subsequently, I planned to burn out my opponent with Manegro Potions spells. I'm rather embarrassed to admit concocting such a crappy plan. It's unworkable, as are most (all?) ideas revolving around this card. It just takes way too long to get to 9 lessons in order to be able to play this. For your long wait, you pop up to 12 lessons right away, with the promise of 14 lessons once those two bounced lessons are replayed. It's overkill. Philosopher's Stone is the most likely desired destination, and you're far better off trying for that yon star using Wand Shop and wands. And it's not really a star, so much as it's a black hole that will suck your gray matter into oblivion. Kids, don't try that at home. I suppose you could also use this as a preamble to playing Potions Test. But why play a bad card to facilitate a worse one? Looking further, you could follow this with a Phoenix Tears, if you harbored a twisted wish for as many lessons in hand as possible. Bleah. This card just doesn't cut it. It's pretty, though. I'll give you that.

Rating: 2


In Dobby's Help/VTJ decks with Hermione as a starter, this card is VERY nice. One turn, you can gain 5 lessons. The lessons aren't discarded, so that's always good. And, you're getting a +3 lessons! But, if they Scribblifor/Lost Notes it next turn, it was useless...

Rating: 3


O.o man wish I could bring a gold cauldron during chemistry and use it, boy all my pals would be down right jealous *grins*. Anyway lets see how this card is supposed to be like. Needing 9 potions lessons and its a rare. Typical card. No problems there. Casting regulations? Well.. we might have a tiny problem in that section. You need to retrieve 2 "potions" lessons. Although you will mostlikely have more than enough lessons that might be a hamper 'cause when you have 9 inplay you have to take back 2 which might make your lesson count 7 and you add 5 for the power provided = 12 and not 14. But whats the biggy? You can still play potions class disaster / potions exams / potions test /bulgeye which still earns some credits for this card. Although I'm not a big fan of this card, I've seen many people using this card to great success. Not as bad as it looks, this card imho is like a stepping stone to greater heights.

Rating: 3.4


This card isn't that shabby. It's also not that good. For 9 potions lessons, you can basically play every card in your deck, especially if you have Dumbledore or one of the teachers as your starter. This card can get you up to 12 power immidiately. There's not that many cards that need 12 power to play. If you have 4 Potions Test, 4 Potions Class Disaster and 4 obliviate, then you would probably want 2 of this card in your deck. Another upside is that the lessons go up to your hand, instead of discarding. Wizards didn't make another card like this until CoS. But if you do have Obliviate, I reccomend wand shop and charms lessons instead of this card. So only use this card if you have a lot of high cost cards. Maybe even Philosopher's Stone.

Rating: 2.8


I've used this before with Hermoine, and it was good. One of the first cards that used a "return to hand" instead of discard effect, which was nice. But we've been enlightened about Potions Dungeon since then, so discarding isn't as bad as it used to be. This provides a lot of power, but since it's coming from just this one source, a simple item discard spell could put you in a world of hurt if you lean to heavily on it.

Rating: 2.5


Potions can be very hard to balance because a lot of the more powerful spells tend to sacrifice Potions Lessons. However, you want the power advancement that cauldrons provide as well. But these also eat Lessons. Gold Cauldron is great because the lessons come back to your hand though! However, it costs 9 power to get out. That means that unless you are playing the higher end Potions cards with costs 12 and such that you won't need this bugger. If you are playing Charms as well, my personal thought is to go with Wands instead of Cauldrons. Borrowed Wand and Dragon Heart Wand can be great advancers. However, Potions is your second best bet for advancement. So if you absolutely need that high end advancement, this is your best choice. Overall however i suggest Collapsible or Pewter Cauldron since they help you out earlier and this one only "Advances" you one more power than those do.

Rating: 2.4

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