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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Potions Homework - Chamber of Secrets

Potions Homework
Power Needed: 3 Potions
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Your opponent takes damage until he or she discards a Lesson card from his or her deck.
Card No: 122
Rarity: Common
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 2.60 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Some people don't know how this card works. It's simple. You play it, and then your opponent begins to discard cards from the top of their library into their discard pile, one at a time. As soon as they discard one lesson in this manner, they stop the process. This spell may cause just one point of damage and it may do over 30 (if your opponent just played a Philosopher's Stone). What you need to know is how much damage this card will inflict on average. Well, that depends on the percentage of lessons and number of cards that remain in the opposing player's library. Most decent decks have *at least* 1/3 of their deck containing lessons. If we assume that percentage, then this card will average around 3 points of damage in the long run. I had to go through lots of mathematical gyrations to come up with that figure. But I'm very good in math. Trust me. So now that you know the damage amount that is typical for this spell, do you like this card, or not?

Rating: 1.5


Against non-lesson decks, this is a one-hit ko. Also, if your opponents deck is not shuffled well, it could be a LONG time before he sees a lesson, or a short time. This is a risky card, as it could easily only do 1 damage. Potions Project is a better card, in my opinion. If you're going up against a no-lesson deck, this is a very nice card. You can get it out turn 2, and your opponent may have not gotten any protection out yet. :O

Rating: 3


Not a bad card for potions it utterly destroys character decks unless they are running Neville or it can do a little bit of damage with out having to sacrifice a lesson which can be hard to find in Potions but the more expenisve ones of these are much better.

Rating: 2.3


This homework would live up to its bigger cards. But then who can complain fast damage for 3 lessons. With the potential of doing up to 5 damage or more (this is based on a calculated lesson to other card common ratio) then its a great bargain. But then you would have to rely on luck but who can complain since this is one of the only potion cards not to discard a lesson but yet do major big time mama damage ;). So what do we give this bad piece of homework? How 'bout a.... *drum rolls*

Rating: 3.8


It is inevitable that people will decide to sacrifice lessons out of their deck to make room for better or more useful cards in their deck. These types of cards will teach them their lesson quickly. ;') This is the lowest, fastest level of the mass discard damage cards. But the key is that it uses the word "damages" which triggers such prevention effects like Neville and others. They could have easily avoided that by using "discards from top of deck" instead of "takes damage." But this brings up an interesting topic.

What about damage prevention? Supposing the damage is preventable, say you did run a lessonless deck, and also had a Pet Toad in play. Do you flip over your whole deck until you find a lesson (which might not even exist) to figure out how much damage the toad is actually taking for you, and then put the cards back in the same order (doesn't mention anything about shuffling) afterwards? Intriguing... =)

Rating: 3


Remember those Lessonless decks???? Where did they all go? Well these cards ate them up of course!! Unless you have Neville in play, this card will kill a lessonless deck instantly. I think that is probably why they were created. Usually these do not do a huge amount of damage. Even the one that does it until they hit 3 lessons does about 8 damage at the most. They are generally a good safeguard just in case and not bad damage if your opponent gets unlucky. These are one of the better fillers if you are unsure what to put in and can be great if you are also playing denial. You not only hurt the lessons on the board, but also get one or two from their deck. I recommend the one that does 2 over the other two, but this one is decent if you don't get up to five quickly.

Rating: 2



Finally, a good card! I don't use this card on apprentice, but it's in a real life deck. Potions Project is better, but let me tell you about this card. Your opponent takes damage until they discard a lesson. For three power, that's pretty good. If you ever face a lessonless deck, this card OWNS. If you have room for this card, and don't want Potions Test or Potions Project, put it in.

Rating: 3.9 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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