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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Fouled! - Quidditch Cup


Power Needed: 4 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Do 4 damage to your opponent. During your opponent's next turn, he or she gets 1 fewer Action. (If this would mean your opponent has fewer than 1 Action, he or she still gets 1 Action.)
Card No: 60
Rarity: Common
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 5.00 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

This card is really, really amazing, and I would play 4 of them in any deck which had access to quiddich lessons. Taking an action away from your opponent is just extremely strong, and this card will help you to damage your opponent without losing time, since it will take away one of your actions and one of theirs. In essence you are trading one draw for four damage, (six with nimbus 2000!), which is a good deal. If you have creatures in play it is even better, since your opponent will have less time to deal with them, and therefore could take even more damage. It also helps you to win any matches you might have out, since your opponent will have less time to do damage back to you.

This is one of the cards you play quiddich in order to use, as it is very, very strong. (And play pulling up, and if possible, cobbing also! The are also very very good!! It is extremely devastating to play a cobbing and a fouled one turn, then another cobbing and another fouled the basically just loses your oppoennt an entire turn, since they will have to sacrifice somehting, and then use their one action to put another thing back out. Meanwhile, you just did 8 damage, or 12 with Nimbus 2000! Pulling up is great to get extra cards to help play lessons and get your good damage spells, like fouled and cobbing. All together, the three combine very nicely to make quiddich decks quite playable)

Rating: 5 (A)


This card has to be the best card in QC, and possibly the game. The ability to do four damage to your opponent, and they lose one action is great. It can stall them, and if you have an adventure like Pep Talk and they only get to draw a card for their turn. If you have Nimbus 2000 in play, Fouled! becomes even better. Doing 6 damage and taking away one of their actions is great. Any Quidditch deck that's any good will have 4 of these in them. When you combine this with Ouch! or Cobbing, it does 8-9 or 12-13 damage. This is definatly one of the better cards in the game, and has many combo's with it.

Rating: 5


Fouled! is a strong and damaging spell card that appears in almost every deck featuring Quidditch lessons. For the meager cost of 4Q, the user can inflict 4 damage to the opponent plus reduce the number of actions that the opponent gets in the next round. Playing a couple of these cards in the early turns can put your opponent in a tail spin that he'll never recover from.

The Quidditch spells include multiple cards that do multiple types of damage to the opponent. Fouled! is one of the bests of this new type. This card is so strong that it appears in every Quidditch Deck, and has been banned from some of our online tourneys.

Rating: 5


Where else can you find a card that does damage, takes away an action, and does it all for only 4 power. I really can't say anything about this card that it doesn't say for itself. If you play Quidditch lessons and don't use this card, you are missing out.

If you really like keeping your opponent from playing too often, use Hagrid Needs Help. This way you can hold those Fouled! cards in your hand for the turn after they solve the adventure. In a matter someway you would have at least 8 turns where your opponent would have one less action. That is the same as getting 4 turns more than your opponent in one game!

Rating: 5


No Review Today


Four damage for only four power? AND take away one of your opponent's actions in the process??? This card just screams "Broken!"
Use it with Pep Talk to make your opponent use his only action to draw a card.
Fouled! also could prevent your opponent from playing Characters and Adventures. (Assuming they don't have extra action and/or don't have Fred&George in play.)
It's common, so that means it shouldn't be hard to find 4 for your decks.

Rating: 5


Fouled! Ok... Let me just say one thing off the bat... I LOVE THIS CARD!!!!! A must in any Quidditch deck by my opinion, it's great with matches because it limits your opponents actions, so they have less time to hurt you, its great in early game cuz it hurts their building up speed, its great in late game when they are tryin to hurt you just as much as you are them, its great middle game when sometimes one turn can spell the difference between the high road and the low road, it limits your opponent for a turn if they are trying to do a combo or want to play an adventure (unless they are playing Fred & George). Add a Nimbus 2000 to a fouled and you got an even nastier card.

Rating: 5

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