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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Bruisewort Balm - Quidditch Cup


Bruisewort Balm
Power Needed: 3 Potions
Card Type: Spell - Healing
Effect: Shuffle up to 5 non-Healing cards from your discard pile into your deck.
Card No: 53
Rarity: Common
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.17 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

I think this is a playable card, and could fit in well in the right deck.
It is not as powerful as Burning Bitterroot Balm, however, it does not require you to sacrifice a potions lesson, so you can just play it, get back 5 good cards from your discard and shuffle them into your deck.
In control type decks, this card is quite good, as it will negate a damage spell of your opponent and allow you to get back 5 important cards.
Being able to shuffle cards of your choice back into your deck also increases the chance that you will draw cards that you want, and therefore makes your draws better. So it increses your quality of card draws, as well as keeping you alive longer. Altogether a good, playable card in the right deck, provided that you can find room for it. The challenge with this card I think is to make room for it in your deck.

Rating: 4 (B)


Probally one of the better Commons in QC, Bruisewort Balm is a great card to use. Since you don't have to discard any Potions to use it, it has a advantage over other Healing cards. But, it only allows you to Heal 5 cards, which, in the late stages of a game, usually isn't enough.
In the early stages of a game though, this is a great card. The ability to shuffle the cards into your deck, instead of putting them on the bottom, allows you to get some of the cards quickly again. The 3P is a huge advantage. You can play one after you use a Malevolent Mixture, and you can regain the two lessons and more damage cards.

Rating: 4


Finally, a low-cost healing card that should be in every Potions Deck. All of the healing spells in the base set either required you to discard a lesson, or forced you to place the cards on the bottom of your deck. Using the low cost spells (Boil Cure, Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up) meant waiting until the end of the game to gain access to the card. Using a higher cost card often meant deciding between damaging your opponent or healing yourself.

Bruisewort Balm provides the best qualities of both types. It is low cost (3P) which means you can play it as early as turn 2. It also shuffles the recovered cards into your deck, increasing the odds that you will be able to draw and play them. Since it only recovers 5 cards, it's not perfect but should be considered for all Potions decks.

Rating: 4


This is one healing card that I like. It doesn't cost you anything to use (this means it is not lesson dependent) and at a power of 3 it can be used almost anytime during the game. To understand why I rate this card so high, let's compare it to a few other healing cards.

When you heal with Boil Cure or Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up, the cards go on the bottom of the deck. Bruisewort Balm lets you shuffle the 5 cards and get a shot at them on your next draw. Quality of draw can be the difference especially late in the game. I am constantly being accused of always getting a lucky draw near the end of the game. It is because of quality of cards to draw from, not luck alone. I increase the odds of drawing what I need, by only healing what I need.

This is why I like this healer more than the bigger healers. Sure it doesn't cost you a lesson, but better than that, it is because you are getting only the cards you need. When using Burning Bitterroot Balm, I find that you add a few cards that you didn't really need since you can take 10 of them. In some ways this isn't such a bad deal, but it does keep your chances of drawing what you really wanted less likely. I truly believe quality of draw can be a much stronger help to you than quantity of draw. It is this reason that I find Bruisewort Balm to be such a high rated card.

So if you play healers, think about this strategic idea when deciding on what healers to use during a game. I believe you'll see a difference!

Rating: 5


No Review Today


This is my new favorite Healing card. Hospital Wing was good, but you had to discard Potions lessons to play it, so if you didn't have Potions Lessons the card was useless. Now, you can get about the same great effect by just running Snape. It's 1 power cheaper than Hospital Wing doesn't discard, and only get 3 less cards back. Not having to discard give it more versitility for other decks that arn't pure Potions.

Rating: 4.5


Bruisewort Balm is cool because it is the first healing card that doesn't sacrifice one of your lessons AND shuffles into your library instead of putting them onto the bottom. Myself, I have made many decks where you don't want to heal too much because you want to draw the killer cards instead of the lesson you shuffled in just because you could. All things considered, I would say that Burning Bitterroot Balm and Hospital Wing are generally better options, but in a low casting deck that has just a little healing where every lesson is valuable or in addition to either of those, Bruitswort Balm would be a good choice. Or in a deck where you don't need to heal too much or are starting with snape and he is your only source of potions, I would say Bruitswort Balm is a great card for either any of the above decks.

Rating: 3.5

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