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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Bravado - Quidditch Cup


Power Needed: 3 Charms
Card Type: Spell
Effect: For the rest of this turn, your Spell cards need 5 less Power to play. (You still need at least 1 Power that matches.)
Card No: 52
Rarity: Common
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.08 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

Obviously, this is a card that you cant just add into a deck, its something that you need to build a deck around. I would not recommend depending entirely on it, if the only way to cast your big spells is if you get bravado, you could be in lots of trouble those games when you dont draw it, so I would also have big items (wands/cauldrons) and/or other ways to get lots of lessons.

Good cards to use with this include: Potions Class Disaster, Obliviate, Potions Exam, Transfiguration Exam, etc...

Note that this cannot be used with creatures such as Fluffy, or Items such as Golden Snitch, since it only works on spells.

Stand-alone rating: 1
Combo rating: 5


One of the most underrated cards in the game, if you manage to play Bravado with a Potions Class Disaster following it, it can change the momentum of the game for good. The ability to play a spell card for 5 fewer lessons is a great advantage. After laying down a Draught of Living Death, Malevolent Mixture or Fluffy, the next turn you can use Bravado to have the required amount of lessons again. But, some people try to overuse this card. Their deck is based on getting a Bravado in their hand, and if this doesn't happen, they have a very small chance of winning. If this card is used correctly, it can put a dagger in your opponent for good. But, remember, don't count on it as a must-get card, because, if you do, your chances of winning will be very slim.

Rating: 5


Ah Bravado, where were ya when I played my heavy-hitting Base Set decks?
There was many a game where I had a Draught or Elixir in my hand but not enough lessons to play em.

Bravado makes the high cost spells playable, but at the expense of an action. Nothin says lovin like playin a Bravado and a Potions Exam on your fourth turn.

If you also play Unicorns, Bravado can set up a turn that your opponent will never recover from. Without the Uni's, there may be better spell cards available. And Bravado only works with spells, so Fluffy still can't come out and play.

Rating: 4


One of the toughest things to do in HP TCG is get enough lessons out fast in order to use the big spells. Starting with Hermione or items are only as good as the number of lessons in your hand. Bravado is like a power booster card. When you need that 10 or 12 power spell to get out quick, it is a gem. Plus, if you can get at least one Unicorn out before the turn you will be using Bravado, the devastation you can unleash on your opponent early on could keep them out of the entire game and never pose a threat to your deck at all. The most popular cards used with Bravado that I have seen so far are Potions Class Disaster, Potions Exam, Obliviate, Transfiguration Exam, and Out Of Control.

Rating: 5


No Review Today


Bravado is a great card to help play high costing cards faster than normal.
You could play Stupefy on Turn 2 by using this card. (Flitwick as starter, 2 lessons turn1, Bravado & Stupefy turn2)
If you have enough actions to play 2 Bravados and still play another card, you could play high costing cards like Obliviate quickly too. But once you reach a steady enough power level to play your cards on their own, Bravado becomes discard fodder, so it's best to be played in early game.
The fact that it's common, and has a lower power requirement to play is a plus, but only working for spell cards kinda rains on my parade. =/

Rating: 3.5


Bravado in the right deck could be crucial, yet for the most part I feel that when I go to put Bravado into a deck, I usually end up siding it out for something else.... Personally, I like to conserve my actions as much as I can and it's not as hard as people think to get up to that critical 10 or 12 mark unless someone is beating down on your lessons... in that case, you are relying on Bravado to cast your higher casting spells anyways... always hunting for the constant combo. To me, if used well, it is a good card, but unless used well, you could be sitting with it in your hand with loads of power on the table wishing you had put in something else.

Rating: 2

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