Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Crazed Capybara - Chamber of Secrets

Crazed Capybara
Power Needed: 7 CoMC
Card Type: Creature - Capybara
Ability: When you play this card, draw a card.
Damage each turn: 3
Health: 3
Card No: 8
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.67 (based on 3 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


For those that don't know, a capybara is the world's largest rodent. A resident of South America, it grows to be the size of a pig. That means it can be quite troublesome when crazed. For game purposes, this is a Vicious Wolf that costs one more lesson to play, but gains you the extra benefit of a draw. Since a normal turn consists of one draw and two actions, over time you should typically deplete the size of your hand. Using creatures with built-in draws allows you to replenish your hand without expending valuable actions to do so. I feel this is generally a good deal, and tend to prefer the various critters with built-in draws to their non-draw counterparts. In this case, the non-draw counterpart, Vicious Wolf, is quite playable, so this card is even better.

Rating: 3.5


You get to draw a card when you play it, you have a 3/3 creature, and you can reach 7CoMC in most Creature decks with Hermione quite quickly. This is an improvement to Guard Dog, with 2 less health but with the effect. Also, with Hagrid, this is boosted to 5 attack per turn. :O In high-cost creature decks, it's ok, since it can take a Doxy/Streeler, unlike Cunning Fox, Slytherin Serpent and Mandrake. ;)

Rating: 4


Act now, and get the one time draw ability, FREE! Yup, that's right, it replaces itself in your hand when you play it, and is pretty decent as well. This guy compares to the common Vicious Wolf, seen in almost every decent creature deck. Since it's rare, I wouldn't nessisarily recommend hunting down four of these rodentst to stick in your deck, but if you happen to run across one, it sure couldn't hurt. =)

Rating: 3.5